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In-app ad placements

1. In-app banner - 300x250

The 300x250 In-app banner is commonly placed above the fold and is generally the best performing ad size. The ad should also stand out from other interactive elements the user sees on the screen.

2. In-app banner - 320x50

he 320x50 In-app banner is known as a Mobile Leadboard or Smartphone Leaderboard. Usually, it is displayed as a mobile ad and is one of the best performing ads on AdSense.

3. In-app banner - 320x480

320x480 In-app banner can be used as a mobile ad size. This type of ad is called a Mobile Interstitial and is designed to appear as a full-screen ad on mobile devices. The term interstitial refers to ads that appear between two pages. When you click the link, this ad loads instead of the next page.

4. In-app banner - 728x90

The 728x90 In-app banner is usually placed at the top of a page, so as to be seen by the user immediately when the page loads. As these ads are so successful, it makes sense to place one at the top and bottom of each page.

5. In-app banner - 300x50

300×50 In-app banner is most commonly used as an ad on mobile phones. Mobile sites typically display them as anchor ads, which can be closed by sliding back. Be sure to keep your message concise and use simple clear graphics in order to maximize the potential of a 300x50.

What are In-app ads?

In-app advertisements. Organic and effective. In-app advertising is most often placed in the form of banners in free applications. Such ads are also often found in free versions of incomplete applications. The mobile Internet audience is growing: according to Data Reportal, 5.22 billion unique users were registered by January 2021.

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