Smooth advertising delivery

Smooth advertising delivery

In this article you learn how to set up campaign limits and what is smooth spend.

Billions of ad impressions are purchased on a daily basis through the real time bidding (RTB) auction. An advertiser who has placed the highest bid gets all traffic for his budget. An advertiser's spending rate can be as high as $10 per minute. But not everyone wants to spend money and display ads so quickly. So how to produce smooth, optimal delivery relative to your objective and budget?

There are 4 ways:


Narrow down your target audience. Select targeting options (OS, browser, device etc.) that will reduce the number of impressions you get.

Limits by money or impressions

Select the type and set up an hourly, daily or total limit for the campaign.

Calendar limits

You can set the hours and days on which the ad campaign will run. Please, note that the ClickAdilla timezone is GMT/UTC +0 hours.

Smooth spend NEW!

By choosing ‘Smooth spend’, ad impressions will be evenly distributed throughout the day.

The ‘Smooth spend’ option can be useful for campaigns with a limited budget. For example, you want to spend no more than $10 per day. However, you can not set limits lower than $5 Since the impressions received may exceed this limit.

How to turn on the smooth ad delivery?

1. Go to the tab ‘Limits’ on campaign settings.


2. Specify hourly or daily limits

3. Switch on the ‘Smooth spend’’ and save the campaign.

smooth ad spend.png

Feel free to contact your manager for help with campaign fine tuning.

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