New tokens for web push notifications

You asked, we did!

Meet new tracking parameters for web push notifications.

[PRICE] - price per 1000 impressions or per 1 click (depends on the pricing model).


[WEB_PUSH_ID] - ID of the advertisement.

[WEB_PUSH_CREATIVE_ID] - ID of the push notification in the rotation.

How to use it?

Here's an example of how a URL might look if you're tracking a price:[PRICE]

You can add multiple parameters by prepending & to each additional parameter. For example:[PRICE]&pricing_model=[PRICING_MODEL]&web_push_id=[WEB_PUSH_ID]&web_push_creative_id=[WEB_PUSH_CREATIVE_ID]

All available tracking parameters are here.

Need more tokens? Please, write in the comments which one you would need.

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