New tokens for web push notifications

You asked, we did!

Meet new tokens for web push notifications. These tracking parameters will help you to get information about price per 1000 impressions or per 1 click, ID of ad sets and ID of push notifications in the rotation.

[PRICE] - price per 1000 impressions or per 1 click (depends on the pricing model).


[WEB_PUSH_ID] - ID of the advertisement.

[WEB_PUSH_CREATIVE_ID] - ID of the push notification in the rotation.

Here's an example of how a URL might look if you're tracking a price:[PRICE]

You can add multiple parameters by prepending & to each additional parameter. For example:[PRICE]&pricing_model=[PRICING_MODEL]&web_push_id=[WEB_PUSH_ID]&web_push_creative_id=[WEB_PUSH_CREATIVE_ID]

All available tracking parameters are here.

Need more tokens? Please, write in the comments which one you would need.

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