Popunder Traffic with Webcam affiliate offer [Case Study]

One of our affiliate marketers has shared with us a case study. He managed to launch a campaign on a webcam offer using popunder traffic. Which eventually brought him $192 net profit per week. Great for a test, isn't it? Here are the overview:

CPA Network: ClickDealer

Offer: Webcams Smartlink

Traffic source: ClickAdilla

Ad format: Popunder

GEO: Germany

Period: 23 - 29/04/2021

Costs: $120.3

Revenue: $312.56

ROI: 160%

In this case I’ve used a Webcam Smartlink and targeted Germany. Webcam offers are perfect for promotion on adult sources. I’ve already tested some offers on ClickAdilla and the webcam has shown the best results. Since adult site visitors are the hottest audience for adult offers.

Smartlink is a powerful tool which allows affiliates to use one link to all offers in a niche. With Webcam Smartlink in ClickDealer I get paid for users registrations. An average payout per lead varies $1.5 - $6.25 for Germany. 

Here are my results for one week:


Popunder ad format is great for testing new affiliate offers. You don’t have to spend time on design of ad creatives. Just insert the referral link and run the campaign. And this time old good popunder didn’t disappoint me.

I’ve bought pops on CPM. I set up the  bid at minimum rate  - $ 0.35. I was surprised that I've started to get traffic. From experience I can say that this is a very low price for this GEO.

Stats from ClickAdilla


💡 Use Traffic chart to check traffic volume for any GEO and Ad format.


I launched a campaign without targeting devices, languages etc. I optimized it next week, creating separate campaigns for mobile and desktop devices. Also, I’ve added inefficient sources to the blacklist. As a result, the amount of traffic declined, but the conversion rate increased by 27%.


Adult webcam smartlink shows excellent results with adult traffic. It is important to find the right affiliate offer and fresh ad placements, where there are not many competitors. The traffic chart will help you with this. 

You can start even with a low budget. Hope this case will inspire you to make money in affiliate marketing. Wish you profitable campaigns with high CTR!

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