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Affiliate marketing adult webcams is a profitable niche. ClickAdilla’s case study shows how to reach high results with a low budget.

Webcam affiliate programs are one of the most trend-following offers which can help to get high-quality traffic. In this article we will discuss the offers, give some useful recommendations and watch a real work case of our affiliate marketer.

Webcam websites became a highly popular source which is visited by millions of users every day. So obviously such visibility gives plenty of possibilities for affiliate marketing advertisers. And moreover such sites continue to gain visibility so marketers can catch the full potential of testing various marketing creatives.

Webcam affiliate programs: let’s look at the case!

Looking for a profitable affiliate niche? Try webcam offers and popunder traffic in ClickAdilla. This is exactly what the author of this case study did. Learn how to reach ROI 160%

One of our affiliate marketers has shared with us a case study. He managed to launch a campaign on the offer using pop-ups traffic. Which eventually brought him $192 net profit per week. Great for a test, isn't it? Here are the overview:

CPA Network: ClickDealer
Offer: Webcams Smartlink
Traffic source: ClickAdilla
Ad format: Popunder
GEO: Germany
Period: 23 - 29/04/2021
Costs: $120.3
Revenue: $312.56
ROI: 160%

Webcam Smartlink
In this case I’ve used a Smartlink and targeted Germany. +18 offers are perfect for promotion on adult sources. I’ve already tested some offers on ClickAdilla and the webcam has shown the best results.

Since adult site visitors are the hottest audience for adult offers.

Smartlink is a powerful tool which allows affiliates to use one link to all offers in a niche. With Smartlink in ClickDealer I get paid for users' registrations. An average payout per lead varies $1.5 - $6.25 for Germany.

Here are my results for one week:

clickdealer stats

Popunder traffic
Pop-ups ad format is great for testing new affiliate offers. You don’t have to spend time on the design of ad creatives. Just insert the referral link and run the campaign. And this time the old good popunder didn’t disappoint me.

I’ve bought pop-ups on CPM. I set up the bid at a minimum rate - $ 0.35. I was surprised that I've started to get traffic. From experience I can say that this is a very low price for this GEO.

Campaign post-optimization
I launched a campaign without targeting devices, languages etc. I optimized it next week, creating separate campaigns for mobile and desktop devices. Also, I’ve added inefficient sources to the blacklist. As a result, the amount of traffic declined, but the conversion rate increased by 27%.

Adult smartlink shows excellent results with adult traffic. It is important to find the right affiliate offer and fresh ad placements, where there are not many competitors. The traffic chart will help you with this.

You can start even with a low budget. Hope this case will inspire you to make money in affiliate marketing. Wish you profitable campaigns with high CTR!

We won’t be surprised if you get the curiosity for trying the programs yourselves. So we gathered some recommendations for your marketing campaigns and hope the information will help you to put the knowledge in order.

Target audience of webcam programs

As you know the types of target audience can be different and you should try various creatives for different users. One perfect offer can be less effective than many good ones. So who are these users?

Models. Mostly it is female users (male part is smaller), who want to make some money in a short time with no many effort. We would segment them by different conditions. Mostly it is students who do not have enough work experience or possibilities for full-time work. Also there are users who would like to find remote work but do not know what to start with.

Clients. This segment is more varied than the previous one. Mostly it’s men who look for live videos with different webcam models. It’s the solvent audience so most of all offers are targeted on this one.

Simply put we can split the audience into two parts. But it’s not enough still, you should know how to narrow your offers for the particular potential audience as well. Let’s figure out affiliate marketing adult webcams in detail!

How to attract potential clients?

As we mentioned above, the programs are a new niche in comparison to other ones. So it may be a little bit complicated to find effective creatives on websites. So we analyzed our experience and found some good types of offers to help you get the high CTR for the main audience - clients.

You can try to use teasers in your marketing campaigns. It can work as a demonstration of what a user can see if he or she clicks on your creative. Also you can try to encourage the target action with simple action phrases, like “click to see more”. This recommendation works not only for the text of your offers, you can use it in the visual part as well. For example you do not need to show nakedness, better to choose a picture of an attractive woman dressed in scanty clothes.

But no, it doesn’t mean you should focus on female pictures only. Don’t forget the potential target audience may be versatile. Using male photos can work pretty effectively as well. Surely it’s not as wide audience as the previous one, but there is not so strong market competition. Though the potential clients in this narrow niche are the same solvent and your CTR can delight you with the results.

Is it possible to make regular clients click on your ads? Yes, you can get nice traffic through such an audience as well. If you are going to advertise any famous webcam site then mention the brand. Use everything that may be famous among your potential clients. For example it may be a recognisable logo or well-known models. There is no such large competition as well, so why not try making creatives for regular clients if you search for the best CTR of yours?

Do not neglect personalization. Let’s not forget about behaviorism and get some benefits from that as well. Obviously your potential clients wouldn’t mind if a beautiful woman wants to chat with him or her. Mention the distance, name and local language.

This recommendation includes creating some “personal” details for your offers. Your main task is to make the impression of affordability and naturality.

We can add that tastes differ and you shouldn’t ignore it when you look for the suitable pictures. Someone can prefer blondes or brunettes, others have race and body shape preferences. As we could notice, personalization works very well for dating verticals, so we consider this approach should be used for affiliate marketing adult webcams as well.

How to attract webcam models?

Without a doubt, working with this target audience is more complicated than with potential clients.

That’s why if you learn how to create such offers you can avoid the strong market competition. Let’s find out!

As we said before, the target audience of potential models has some particular conditions. If we talk about girls who think about earning money then you can show the financial possibilities. Mention the opportunity to make a lot of money quickly. It’s better to write about particular prices but with no exaggerating. You can add that a person doesn’t need to have a work background or special appearance parameters.

Behaviorism matters in this case as well. Your creatives should help a user to visualize what she or he can get from your offer. For example you can dismiss possible doubts about creating a personal work schedule, weekly payments and other possibilities which the site offers.  

One of widespread fears is the lack of personal safety. So let users know that they can count on anonymous work. If a webcam platform gives the possibilities to block users from particular countries then don’t neglect to mention it.

It was a basic working guide. As a conclusion we can add to segment the audience and work with each of the user types separately. Create your offers more specifically for getting higher CTR as a result of your advertising campaigns.

We do hope our recommendations and the case of our affiliate marketer were useful for you. As you can see knowing the types of potential target audience matters and can point your advertising creatives out in the market of affiliate traffic. So we wish you to catch the success and hope your favorite ClickAdilla will help you to reach it effectively!

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