Why can a mobile ads platform be beneficial? Specifics and tips

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Apps have turned the affiliate marketing upside down, leaving the standard mobile web in second place in the race for popularity and effectiveness.

Since you clicked on this article, it is easy to guess that you have heard something about the advantages of mobile ads. Even if you ended up here by accident, we will try our best to give you a complete answer why the mobile advertising platform deserves your attention, what the payment models are, and how you can reach your target audience.

As you know, affiliate marketing is rapidly developing, that is why you can watch plenty of changes in a short time. Nowadays, mobile applications have become one of the most significant changes. Apps literally turned the affiliate marketing industry upside down, leaving the standard mobile web in second place in the race for popularity and effectiveness.

As a result of the advertisement industry developing, the networks have emerged and radically changed the adverts principles due to convenient optimization implements. Thus, we can confidently call mobile advertising platforms one of the revolutionary services in adverts technologies.

What is a mobile advertising platform?

Let's figure out what this tool is that helped bring advertising to a new level. To start with, there are two more names: app network and mobile ad network. Such networks take the role of intermediary between three sides: app developers offering adverts space, affiliate marketers advertising products or services, and business owners providing offers. All these three parties are interconnected precisely through the network for applications. In other words, the mobile advertising platform is the link between SSP and DSP services.

Why is it a good idea to advertise on mobile apps?

As we discussed earlier, mobile apps have been able to gain even more popularity than regular mobile websites. There are a huge variety of applications on the market that target different users.

This industry is actively developing, so we recommend you keep up with the times and try traffic through mobile applications.

Mobile app usage is more dynamic and attention-grabbing, so it is easier for affiliates to attract the attention of potential customers. As a result, it is much more simple for you to get target actions from potential customers.

 Also, plenty of applications support the format of interactive ads. Typically, the most popular formats are rewarded ads or playable ones. Advertisements can be shown for a specific period of time to seamlessly move the user's attention from the app to the adverts campaign.

What models are used in mobile advertising platforms?

App platforms vary, so several models can be used to publish your creatives. We can highlight 5 formats that you can find in mobile advertising platforms. Let's find out each one separately.


This model sets the payment for a complete target action. So a potential customer should click on the ad creative, get interested in the offer and install the application. CPI model sets the price for attracting new customers, so affiliates need to focus on achieving targeted app install actions.


This model is similar to the previous one because CPA sets a cost for a certain targeted action that the audience must complete within the application. For example, targeted actions can be subscriptions, in-app purchases, signing up, and something like these ones.


This model has a simpler cost type. The publisher gets paid for every click on the campaign. On the one hand, this is a simple format with a simple target action, so you can get a lot of traffic. But on the other hand, this model is a risk for the offer owner, as he or she risks getting a lot of empty clicks and losing potential customers.


The model stands for Cost Per Visitor. This is one of the best models for publishing promotional video formats as it is a payment per view.


This model means cost per mile, or in other words, cost per thousand impressions. This is one of the most usable models, as the publisher can get the payment for reaching the audience. Compared to other models, CPM offers a low cost, but at the same time it is a stable opportunity to earn money from impressions. Therefore, this model is perfect for those publishers who have a large audience reach.


Applications allow you to show many various types of adverts. Therefore, you should find out which formats can be used on a particular network. We will list the most usable types of ads that are applied to display in apps.


Banners can be static or animated. It is placed inside the interface. As a rule, banners are published in the app interface. This format is suitable for advertising an offline product or other applications.

Interstitial ads

This format closes the entire interface of the app that places adverts. Usually such ads can be found in mobile game apps, they are published between game levels.


Such adverts campaigns can be static or interactive. You can see this type in gaming applications as adverts of other applications or other mobile games from the same developer.

Native adverts

This format is published according to the functions of the application's interface. Such advertising can be in the form of text or video.

Multimedia ad

This format can be of different types, such as video or audio. The purpose of the format is to attract users to interact with the ad campaign. There are two commonly used formats that are suitable for advertising through a mobile advertising platform: in-steam and out-stream. Let's take a look at their differences. The out-stream format may be published to the web page or the applications. And In-stream is shown on social platforms with video player.

It is generally accepted that video formats are more effective for in-app advertising. The fact is that dynamics plays a meaningful role in advertising through mobile applications.

But we can say that text formats can also be effective if you take into account all the features and design the visual of your creative correctly.

You can learn more about each format in our other articles. We also give you detailed information about settings and recommendations to make your ads campaigns even more attractive.

Check ClickAdilla’s blog to find out useful adverts tips and make the right choices making your adverts campaigns.

Target parameters

Now we propose to touch on targeting issues a bit so that you have a complete estimate of working through mobile advertising platforms. Such parameters are necessary to narrow the potential audience that may be interested in the offer. These are certain settings that help you make your campaigns even more effective and save your budget:

The first setting we will talk about is GEO. Thanks to this parameter, you can narrow down your advertising campaign by country and even region. That is, you can show your advertisements in those locations where potential buyers live.

Internet connection. For example, you can set the parameters for showing your advertising campaign to users when there is Wi-Fi connection or mobile Internet (three parameters - LTE, 4G, 5G). You can even show your adverts to those users who use the services of certain mobile operators.

You can also set additional parameters by device to make your campaigns even more effective. In addition to the device type, you can specify an operating system or even a specific OS version.

You can also take into account the characteristics of your target audience, if there are some. You can narrow the segment even more effectively through parameters of interests.


We recommend you focus on your needs when you are going to choose a mobile advertising platform. The more opportunities an ad network offers, the more flexibility you have to act and test new creatives.

If you value your time, stability, wide opportunities and high results like we do, then we invite you to experience the full power of ClickAdilla.

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