Premium Hard links. Best direct links for advertising

In case you are engaged in SEO, you should know how hard links are important in this way of website promotion. What is a hard link? It’s like a backlink, but gives you rich result: you get traffic on your site and boost your Google rankings.

Hard link is a super way to get a top Google ranking, especially if you buy a link for a long time. Google does not consider links from adult and porn resources to be spam and and problematic for the site. In itself, the presence of incoming links from adult resources does not harm the reputation of the site and does not affect its ranking, if they are obtained naturally.

We offer you to get a prominent link at the top of the page. Here's what it looks like:

This hard link is located on navigation bar and is displayed on all pages of the website. Visible everywhere and cannot be missed, as they are placed in our main menu which every user needs to use. 

You can buy a link on any site, of course, if the place is not yet sold. We sell no more than 2 links on one site. Our sites take worldwide TOP rankings, for example:

  1. Fraud free. 100% human traffic.
  2. Huge traffic volume: up to 129 million visits per month from TOP site.
  3. No URL redirects.
  4. We don’t tag links as nofollow.
  5. High CTR.
  6. Max 2 Tab links.
  7. Our sites are not overloaded with ads.

For the best performance, the content on the link should be relevant to the site. So what content will be most appropriate? We mainly sell links to sites with the following content:

  • Webcams
  • Virtual Reality content
  • Paid sites
  • Dating


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