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Promote your own tube site 📺 buying adult traffic on the best paid traffic sources. In this article we have collected the best ad formats that are designed for promotion of adult websites 🔞

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Looking where to buy adult traffic? Then you’re in the right place! ClickAdilla ad network provides traffic from exclusive adult sources. With our inventory of 10 ad formats, you can reach customers across the world.

Mainstream brands are running ads on adult sites. Advertisers can serve ads to the same number of users as regular sites, but at a lower cost. That is, it is a completely universal source of traffic for both mainstream and adult advertising.

Adult traffic is very popular among affiliate marketers, direct advertisers and agencies. But today we would like to pay attention to the owners of adult tubes for whom buying ads on adult sites is one of the best sources of attracting new visitors.

Here are TOP 3 ad formats, that are best suited for promotion of adult tubes.

#1 Gallery


Gallery is a video preview that is located among the main content of the site and indistinguishable from it. After clicking the ad, users redirects to the promoted tube. Gallery ad format is designed for owners of adult websites. This is the best way to promote your paid site or free adult tube.

You can buy adult traffic with Gallery only on Cost per Click model.Minimum CPC starts at $0.003

All requirements for Gallery ad.

  • Gallery TOP-10 GEOs
  • Germany - 4.5K clicks
  • United States of America - 2.5K clicks
  • France - 1.5K clicks
  • Spain - 1.2K clicks
  • Italy - 1.1K clicks
  • United Kingdom - 1K clicks
  • Belgium - 1K clicks
  • Switzerland - 750 clicks
  • Poland - 620 clicks
  • Hungary - 600 clicks

This is a daily traffic volume. Check the actual data in the traffic chart.

#2 Tab Direct link


In search of new content, people look primarily at site navigation. Here they can find a button with a direct link to your site. This is a great option for promotion of sites with adult content, like webcam, VR, paid tubes and adult games. You can add one of 8 preset icons to draw users' attention to your button and increase CTR. Besides, we don’t tag links as nofollow, so buying adult backlinks can positively affect your website SEO promotion.

Direct tab link features:

Tab links are available on our Premium adult sites.

We sell no more than 2 links on one site.

Adult Backlinks helps in SEO promotion.

Maximum visibility on all devices.

CPC & CPM models.

These features make direct tab link one of the most useful ad formats for adult tube sites promotion.

How to create a Tab-link campaign?

Tab Direct link TOP-10 GEOs

India - 5.5M impressions

United States of America - 5.4M impressions

Germany - 4.1M impressions

Netherlands - 3.8M impressions

Japan - 1.6M impressions

United Kingdom - 1.2M impressions

France - 1.2M impressions

Italy - 880K impressions

Spain - 740K impressions

Canada - 700K impressions

CPC and CPM models are available. Minimum bid starts at $0.01

This is a daily traffic volume. Check the actual data in the traffic chart.

#3 In-Stream Video Pre-Rolls


Pre-Roll is a video ad that shows before the featured content. Adding video ads to your marketing strategy will allow you to maximize brand awareness. And of course, they are perfect for promoting an adult website. Video Pre-Rolls cannot be skipped for 10 seconds, so viewers will definitely see the ad message. Although most viewers hit the skip button right away, 10 seconds is enough to impress users. Add to the Pre-Roll a teaser clip that would grab users’ attention and they click on your video.

All requirements for In-Stream

Video Pre-Rolls TOP-10 GEOs

India - 3.2M impressions

United States of America - 1.6M impressions

Germany - 1.4M impressions

France - 520K impressions

Japan - 500K impressions

United Kingdom - 470K impressions

Netherlands - 365K impressions

Italy - 360K impressions

Spain - 310K impressions

Vietnam - 230K impressions

Cost per mile starts at $0.35

This is a daily traffic volume. Check the actual data in the traffic chart.

In conclusion

For owners of tubes, paid adult traffic remains one of the main traffic sources. And ClickAdilla is the right place to launch an effective advertising campaign. Since we provide high quality traffic from the largest adult traffic sources. Buying adult traffic on ClickAdilla you will attract regular visitors. Adult backlinks will help you to improve search engine optimization of your sites. Combine different ad formats to drive more traffic to your website.

Don’t hesitate to contact your account manager on Skype.

He will give advice on how to set up an effective ad campaign.

Or ask live-chat support for technical information. We’re here to help you 24/7.

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