Get all traffic from our premium sources with flat deals

The year has just started but we already would like to please you with a brand new feature, which many of you have been waiting for a long time - Flat deals.

ClickAdilla team would like to thank all our users who participated in our questionnaires and shared their requests. There was an immense amount of polls taken. Our R&D team conducted lots of research to make the ClickAdilla platform the first one with the “Flat deals” function.

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💡 Flat deal is a type of sale. It is a process of buying the whole traffic volume from the website for a definite period.

As you know, once you set up your campaign using any ad format, it automatically takes part in the auction. With the price you set you may win and get the traffic, or you may lose, and still get the traffic, but of lower volume. 

Now you do not need to worry about that anymore. Now you can pay for the impressions or clicks and get traffic of the volume you need. 

- No overpays anymore. 

ClickAdilla team has been working on “Flat Deals” for a long time to provide you with this function. Flat deals feature is not easy to implement. Our system needs to consider the data from lots of sources at a time, for you just to hit the button and get a quality service. Since it’s a beta version and we are still working day and night to improve it, the prices are very low. 

Let us consider an example of promoting a dating offer:


  1. Choose one of ClickAdilla’s premium websites;
  2. Choose one of 13 ad formats (Popunder, In-page/Sticky, Interstitial, Banners, In-app, Web-push, In-stream, Out stream, Video slider, iOS calendar, Native Ad, Tab-direct Link, Gallery).
  3. Define your Tier group (For example, Tier-1);
  4. Make a flat deal.

As a result, for the whole month, you will get the whole Tier 1 popunder (or banner, or any other ad format you choose) traffic from this website.

We implemented a couple of settings for you to target your audience more precisely.


Flat deals are available for:


Tier groups (Tier 1, 2, 3);

Ad formats  (Popunder, In-stream, Tab-direct Link);

Time range (you may make a flat deal for a range from 1 to 30 days);

4 ClickAdilla’s premium websites (txxx, Hclips, Upornia, hdzog) - we are constantly adding more websites for you to advertise at.

Flat deals are a great opportunity for affiliate marketers. Let us highlight the main advantages.


You get traffic non-stop;

There is no bidding competition for your ads;

Website users notice your ads with 100% probability;

You can reserve a top ad spot for your offer;

Buy traffic directly in a user-friendly self-service interface.

Right now, you may choose a flat deal you like in a new section called Marketplace.

It is available in a sidebar menu on your ClickAdilla account.

1. Sign in to your ClickAdilla account;

2. Go to sidebar menu on the left and choose “Marketplace”;

3. Choose any of the available flat deals.

Flat deals are a perfect decision if you need to:

Broaden your audience;

Try a new way of advertising;

Get more traffic;

Try out new bundles.

The best part about it is that there is absolutely NO COMPETITION at a time. So it is you who’ll get the best of it. 

Flat deals is a new decision for advertising. If you need quality traffic without competition and at low prices, try out our new feature and monetize your campaigns with ClickAdilla’s flat deals.


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