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Reach more target users advertising on Telegram with ClickAdilla.

The Christmas holidays are coming, which means a huge potential for advertisers to end 2023 with big profits. Since one of the most popular messengers of 2023 - Telegram, has introduced its new feature Telegram Ads - a lot of advertisers started immediately running campaigns on it.

As an advertising network, we are highly interested in maximizing the profits of our clients, so we would like to remind you that you now can get access to Telegram Ads at ClickAdilla. By choosing Telegram, one of the top 10 global social networks, you can broaden your reach to more target users!

Our developers have meticulously analyzed the needs of advertisers looking to attract potential customers from Telegram.

Taking into consideration all client feedback, we're pleased to provide our advertisers with Telegram Ads accounts so you can launch advertising campaigns starting at a budget of €1500. The commission for utilizing this unique opportunity is minimal, standing at only 18%. You can run ads without VAT! Prioritizing client convenience, we've crafted a user-friendly system that supports various payment methods, including Capitalist and a range of cryptocurrencies.

*The commissions are minimal across all ad strategies:
- 25% for Education
- 30% for Cryptocurrencies

Why get Telegram Ads account via ClickAdilla?

1. Effortless Moderation and Expert Guidance:
  - Receive expert recommendations and streamline your Telegram ads for maximum conversions with guidance from your personal manager.

2. Rewards for Agencies and Freelancers:
  - Enjoy a 5% reward for agencies and freelancers promoting Telegram channels.

3. Automation for Simplified Processes:
  - Benefit from automated processes, including automatic labeling, budget and bid management, impression control, and key metric analysis.


We've simplified your Telegram advertising process further by enabling you to calculate your required budget in advance. Our cutting-edge analytics leverages insights from thousands of advertising campaigns to help you estimate your budget accurately.

With our expert support available 24/7, promoting your Telegram group efficiently is a breeze. Share your desired strategy with us, and our expert analytics will take care of the rest.

Feel free to reach out to your manager to explore the full power of Telegram ads with ClickAdilla.

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