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Adult traffic - Top 8 Insights

For some, adult traffic content is a way to relax, for others porn is a way to make money. It is a huge industry that may be worth up to $100 billion. Adult websites attract a large amount of visitors.Today we will share with you the features of how to run adult advertising campaigns and get quality adult traffic to increase your profit in affiliate marketing.

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Table of contents: 


Adult traffic website advertising

Best ad formats

Adult traffic cost

Premium adult traffic sources and websites

Targeted adult traffic

CPA offers with adult traffic

Adult dating affiliate offers

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Adult Traffic website advertising


According to statistics 87% of U.S. adults aged 18 - 35 watch 18+ videos at least weekly. This is a huge amount of adult traffic that site owners of course monetize.

Since most of these websites are free - selling ads is  the main way to earn money. Usually, advertisers get adult traffic through ad networks. 

This has many advantages, like targeting options, real-time statistics, high traffic volume and availability of different ad formats.

In one word, anything you need, and yes, we own it. Ad formats are one of the most important aspects, so let’s stop here.

Best ad formats


In ClickAdilla ad network you will find all relevant ad formats you need for your product and service. If you are new to affiliate marketing and, namely adult niche, try ad formats with the cost-per-click model.


In our ad network you can run CPC campaigns with the following ad formats:

  • Banner;
  • Web Push;
  • Native Ads;
  • Tab link.


Each of them has its own advantages. To decide what ad format you need, read more about each of them here 👇


Banner ads Optimize your affiliate ad campaign


iphone giveaway youtube


Get 65% ROI on Native Ads with a Dating Offer [Case Study]


TOP 5 performing categories for Direct Links


*Please contact our support team or your personal manager if you have any questions. Our dedicated account managers will be happy to help you out. 


Adult traffic cost


How much does adult traffic cost?

Adult traffic is much cheaper than advertising via Facebook, Google and other platforms.


In ClickAdilla cost per click is less than $1. It depends on the ad format and targets you use.

For example CPC banner recommended price may be 0.002 while for instream it is - 0.34.

We sell traffic on an auction basis. This means that the advertiser with the highest bid gets all the traffic. However, there are no risks to overpay since we have a special feature called Price box. It constantly analyzes the bids on the market and offers the most relevant price.

If you buy traffic from different adult ad networks, you obviously know that the prices vary. But you can always save more money.


- No overpays anymore. 


ClickAdilla team has been working on a feature called “Flat Deals”.

Flat deal is a type of sale. It is a process of buying the whole traffic volume from the website for a definite period.

Let us consider an example of promoting a dating offer: 

  1. Choose one of ClickAdilla’s premium websites;
  2. Choose one of 13 ad formats (Popunder, In-page/Sticky, Interstitial, Banners, In-app, Web-push, In-stream, Out stream, Video slider, iOS calendar, Native Ad, Tab-direct Link, Gallery).
  3. Define your Tier group (For example, Tier-1);
  4. Make a flat deal.


As a result, for the whole month, you will get the whole Tier 1 popunder (or banner, or any other ad format you choose) traffic from this website.


Read more about ClickAdilla’s Flat Deals here 👇


Get all traffic from our premium sources with flat deals


What about the quality of the traffic?


Premium adult traffic sources

One of the advantages of our ad network is the huge audience of our sites: over 1 billion unique visitors monthly. Your ad can reach people from anywhere in the world. We provide traffic from publishers (RON) sites and exclusive Premium sources.

You can select required sites during creation of ad campaigns.

But meanwhile, keep in mind that most profitable campaigns need constant involvement. It is not enough to buy traffic once. After the first tests look at the statistics and add to the white list sites, which give you more conversions. Accordingly, add irrelevant sites to the black list.


Targeted adult traffic


Targeting is essential to make your adult traffic ad campaign more efficient. In ClickAdilla ad network you can set up ad campaigns using advanced targeting options, such as language, GEO, browser, device type, operating system, IP addresses, wi-fi, etc.

Moreover you can set up targets by geographic location. You can choose locations such as country, state or region and city. This is especially important for local businesses in order not to waste money on irrelevant customers. 

Also, you can use your own IP addresses.  IP addresses are used to identify the location from which a user is connecting to the Internet. Often, it’s used to target mobile carrier users. 

Targeting is a key success factor to reach the adult traffic audience and increase your ROI. Write to your account manager and he will tell you more about the statistics and audience of our sites.



CPA offers with adult traffic


Now we are ready to promote our offer. Wait. You don’t got the offer? No worries, let’s see what we need.


We would like to highlight dating affiliate offers. People who visit adult websites are more interested in online dating. This is the most suitable audience for this. 

Dating is an evergreen niche that brings thousands of dollars to affiliate marketers. Despite the fact that many affiliate marketers are already making money from dating, you still can take your piece of the pie.


Advertising on adult sites doesn’t mean that you can only advertise other porn sites. Adult traffic fits almost any vertical. This is a gold mine for affiliate marketers. You can earn money promoting a wide variety of products from apps to penis enlargement pills.

Running adult dating offers with adult traffic is a great option for newbies, as this does not require spending large budgets. Our clients often share their experience in the case studies. Check out these ready schemes which you may apply 👇


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Get 67% ROI with an online game offer for adults [Case Study]


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