Banner advertising. The best banner ad formats with highest CTR

Banner advertisement is one of the common display ad formats. Surprisingly, banner advertising  is still plays an important role in today’s market, and their era is far from over.

ClickAdilla have an inventory of 8 types of banners in the following dimensions: 300x100, 300x250, 728x90. 

Requirements and their location on display you can find at the following link.

Country and minimum CPM

1. India $ 0.004 

2. United States $ 0.01

3. Germany $ 0.019

4. Japan $ 0.003

5. France $ 0.018

6. United Kingdom $ 0.021

7. South Korea $ 0.017

8. Russia $ 0.004

9. Mexico  $ 0.004

10. Italy $ 0.014

Keep in mind that bids and volumes are constantly changing, so you should not take this as an axiom.

Keep in mind that bids and volumes are constantly changing, so you should not take this as an axiom.

To check traffic volume, min and max CPM on selected target (ad format, GEO etc.), you would need to create campaign and see on the Pricebox. This widget shows Volume of daily impressions, minimum and maximum CPM and Your level of competition.

 The colors indicate the following:

  • - RED - Traffic with low volume of unique views.
  • - YELLOW - Half of available total volume ( contains medium volume of unique views).
  • - GREEN - Total available traffic ( contains premium unique traffic).
  • - Try to keep the indicator in the area of yellow and green.
  • - Click the Calculate button to see the results.

Mobile Instant Message (300x100)

This format works on all mobile devices. Displayed at the bottom of the screen, it really interacts with users to appeal their attention. Banner generates a high click through rate. Drive more traffic to your offers and increase your ROI. 

In-Video banner (300x250)

This banner appears after clicking on the button to view the video. After the appearance, the user can immediately close the ad. In-Video banner is displayed only on tablets and desktop browsers. 

Also known as in-banner video, this format has been one of the most successful in recent years. According to Bannerflow, display ads with a video have 18.4% better CTR.

Mobile Interstitial  (300x250)

This format allows more clearer call to action as it requires a user action to close the ad to navigate to the desired content. Like a popup it covers the main screen and has a high impression rate. We are sure that marketers will use this format more heavily next years.

Underplayer (728x90)

Also known as a Leaderboard Banner, this is the 2nd most common ad size among global inventory, with 25% of global impressions. This is the largest banner format in ClickAdilla. 

ClickAdilla network accepts banners not only in the classic view of picture+link, but also in  javascript and HTML codes. This format can not be added by the client in the interface, but you can always ask your Personal Manager or Support manager to check and add it to your account. The price for selfcode banners will be a bit different, all of the details can be provided by our Manager’s Team. 

If the client is interested in buying all of the available traffic without any targeting and be the only one whose advertisement will be shown on the spot for the selected time period - ClickAdilla network has a decision: flat deals. If you are interested in the full coverage on the banner rotation - your Personal Manager or Live Support manager can provide you with the prices, volumes, GEO breakdown and all of the necessary information. 

In case you have question on creating advertising campaign, please, contact our support manager in Live-chat.