Affiliate Marketing Opportunities in Champions League Final 2022

Over 62 billion impressions during the 2021 Champion League’s Final! Massive , isn't it? 

In this article we gathered the statistics from the previous year’s one of the most significant sport events to help you get maximum conversions in 2022!

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Since all the impressions were generated by quite different countries we narrowed them to TOP 10 GEOs. At the table below you may see all of them prioritized by traffic volume percentage.


💡 As you can see, Tier1 countries were not that popular in terms of the number of football lovers as India. At ClickAdilla you will get lots of Indian traffic on your offers.

Yet there is something common among all of the GEOs above : same ad formats that convert best. 


Let us first identify the top 3 converting formats for the UEFA 2021 and then consider each of them separately. 

1. Web-Push

2. Banner

3. In-Stream

Push Notifications appeared to be the most convertible and obviously most preferable ad format. A strong accent on the message really matters due to the limited creative possibilities of push ads. Be straight, but not forget to use simple graphic elements, including emojis.


At the same time, banners provide you with much more opportunities concerning the visual part. Though you have much more space to give additional information, try not to overwhelm your banner. Placing usual people being happy of having won the bet also works great.


In-Stream is quite a different story: you have time to show the benefits of your offer, happy clients and the significance of the upcoming event, but what is more important - to evoke the emotions. Video content always converts best.


💡 FOR ANY AD FORMAT: discounts, promotions, offers, expiry, etc. is a YES-story. So, provide your audience with anything special if it is possible.


No matter what ad format you use; if it comes at the right time during big sport events like the Champions League - it will most probably result in conversions.

According to the statistics, a campaign started a week before the event is a good timing. So, try to follow the schedule and do not forget that the UEFA Final is already on the 28th May.

When you choose  the ad format and decide on the creatives do not hesitate to increase your budgets before the BIG EVENT. Moreover, it is recommended not to use any time-settings, since you want to get the maximum of your campaign.

If you found yourself just having started - do not worry. Advertising during the Champions League Final will also bring you lots of traffic. Keep in mind: more users online – more chances to get conversions. Additionally, since people experience a high emotional impact, they tend to react more to your offers.

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