Target Precisely with New Webcam Category Filter

Target Precisely with New Webcam Category Filter

We implemented a new label “WebCam”, which you may set by creating your ad campaign. It will automatically rotate your advertisement on the web sites with highest CTR according to our experience and data for previous years.

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Why WebCam?
How to get started?
What countries to choose?
Where to get traffic?

Why WebCam?

Webcam is a multi-billion dollar industry which is expanding every year.

By today there are already more than 16,000 models and 300,000 viewers all over the world and the trend is still rising.

Webcam is highly attractive for both viewers and models. Just like gamblers, clients in the adult sphere also turn into regular visitors fairly often and are ready to spend many tokens to satisfy their interests. Meanwhile, models are highly interested in continuing webcam activities due to fast and easy revenue they get from the visitors. Moreover, the regulators’ pressure on the industry weakens which accumulates by entering the new regions.

Payment Methods for Affiliates in Webcam Vertical

Webcam is a vertical with an abundance of payment methods, which are:

CPA – cost-per-acquisition. (visiting the website, creating a paid account or purchasing a subscription)

RevShare - percentage of the direct income. (a part of the funds from deposits)

CPL – cost-per-lead.

DOI – by filling out a form or questionnaire; by confirming data accuracy via email.

SOI – by filling out a form on the site. SOI has a high conversion rate for offers and is suitable for testing on small budgets.

CPS – cost-per-sale. By purchasing a premium account. Sometimes additional percent off the other purchases also counts.

Whitelabel - white label site gives you the opportunity to sell the products or services of the original site. This option is not often mentioned in the description of webcam vertical but, however it is used very often by affiliates.

How to get started?

Identifying your target audience is the very first thing you need to think about when starting with any vertical.

How to get started

Obviously, 93% of the webcam audience are male.

Now you know your TA and that is great! But you are probably wondering which ad formats perform better than others? According to our data, most convertible formats for Webcam are:

● Popunder;

● Banners;

● Web-push.

You may now even save your time on creating a web-push campaign, using our new web-push auto generation feature. Read the article to find out how 👇

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What countries to choose?

The most profitable countries for webcam are TIER1 countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK and rich EU countries. On a par with all the advantages of these markets, be ready for a heavy competition. Meanwhile, you may focus on TIER2 countries, which are less profitable, but with a bigger target audience and lower competition. Here come:

CIS countries – Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Latin America – Argentina and Brazil.

Asia – India, Egypt, the UAE, Pakistan and Turkey.

Where to get traffic?

You can find your target audience in all sorts of places, however, with different approaches. For example, most common networks have strict rules and limitations for advertising adult content. ClickAdilla solves this problem by providing customers with a variety of most relevant and convertible websites:

● Sites with adult content.

● In-App advertising.

Every affiliate working with ClickAdilla knows that quality adult traffic is one of our main advantages. Moreover, we always work on implementing new features to help our customers advertise easier and monetize better.

We would like to announce an implementation of a new label “WebCam”, which you may set by creating your ad campaign. It will automatically rotate your advertisement on the web sites with highest CTR according to our experience and data for previous years.


💡 When creating your campaign in ClickAdilla account you may set the category for the service or product you advertise. In our case you need to select the adult and Webcam label.
Save your time by using our new feature when creating your webcam ads to get high-quality traffic!

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