Self-serve Ad network vs Supply-side platform

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Self-serve Ad network vs Supply-side platform

In today’s article we will discuss how one of the parts of the affiliate marketing ecosystem works. We will identify what SSP and DSP are and what are the similarities and differences between them.


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Self-serve Ad network


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ClikAdilla SSP is a platform that has lots of traffic sources with millions of impressions and provides DSPs’ clients with such traffic.

DSPs have various clients on their end, such as direct advertisers, agencies, media buyers, and all of them are integrated with ClickAdilla SSP to buy traffic. Briefly speaking, SSP is a direct provider of traffic.

RTB is a procedure of buying and selling traffic between two sides: Supply-Side Platform (SSP) and Demand-Side Platform (DSP).


So, what does the RTB process look like?

1. DSPs are used by Advertisers to set up their ad campaign and track its performance. SSPs are used by Publishers to list their ad inventory and the price they charge.

2. Advertisers set targeting filters/parameters to be more specific on their choice of inventory, which they are going to bid on.

3. A user triggers an ad request while searching the website. Information about the user, available ad format, and other key factors are passed on to advertisers.

4. Advertisers bid based on their interest — the higher the demand, the higher the price.

5. When DSP decides to bid, SSP either accepts or rejects the bid. Advertisers pay for the amount of times, per thousand of impressions (CPM), that their ad is seen.

6. When a winning bid is determined, the ad is served to the user. The entire process takes 200 milliseconds. 

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Self-Serve Ad network

ClickAdilla Self-Service is an ad network and one of the services to buy traffic from SSP sources. It is an intermediary between publishers, advertisers, and users.

With ClickAdilla self-serve you can create, set, analyze and optimize as many campaigns as you need at a time in a simple and comfortable interface. With a wide range of marketing tools in self-serve you can make your campaigns more targeted and profitable. Because of such additional narrow targeting tools, self-serve becomes the best option for lots of advertisers.

On our self-serve platform you may get traffic for direct campaigns, which have a fixed price for the entire volume. Additionally, you may set many narrow targets, a bid for each specific impression and change it flexibly, choosing the ideal one, most suitable for your needs.


ClickAdilla DSP is the second service allowing you to buy traffic from SSP. This service allows advertisers to integrate direct or third-party traffic sources and manage advertising campaigns through a single ClickAdilla’s interface. It is a demand-side platform (DSP) for automatic programmatic media buying based on a real-time bidding (RTB) auction.

ClickAdilla’s DSP can help you buy traffic for your ads through RTB - with the selection of the optimal price for each impression or click.

You may read more about traffic DSP in one of our recent articles.

The significant advantage of DSP is that you can set up, run and analyze your ad campaigns flexibly via one simple interface in a fast mode. You can be integrated with a lot of SSPs via one interface and monitor your activity. You don’t need to set up several accounts in different SSPs, you’ll have all of them in one place, in your personal account.

And one more advantage is that there is no margin in ClickAdilla DSP, so you absolutely will save your money. 

When do you need ClickAdilla’s DSP?

Let’s imagine that you need specific traffic or want to test same ad campaigns for different traffic sources - buy traffic with programmatic technology directly from its sellers and without leaving your ClickAdilla’s interface - with all necessary tools in one place: create and control your campaigns, track, measure and analyze performance, optimize traffic. The new DSP integration takes you to a higher level as a marketer since you now may use all opportunities to accelerate your efficiency.

Thus, as you see there are several approaches you may use for your marketing needs.

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