Why do you need multi-channel advertising?

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Find out how ClickAdilla's DSP service assists you in getting more traffic while minimizing labor and budget costs.

The ClickAdilla’s team welcomes you with a new interesting issue! Have you ever wondered how to make even more profit in affiliate marketing?

Yeah, we tell you a lot about the importance of testing and optimization, and of course about creating compelling creatives and setting limits. All this certainly helps improve ROI performance. But are there other ways to raise your earnings to a new level? You can rest assured! The quality and volume of traffic can be equally important keys to your success story.

As you know, affiliate marketing is developing at an unimaginable speed, so the advertising industry continues to delight with new worthy ways to optimize advertising campaigns. In this article, we are talking about one of these unique tools from ClickAdilla - DSP traffic.

We value your time, so let's get to the bottom of the issue!

Why is traffic so important?

As you know, traffic is people who encounter your advertising while using the Internet. This is why it is so important that your advertising campaigns are shown only to those users who may be potentially interested in your offer: these users interact with advertising and bring you valuable conversions, which form your profit.

To reach your target audience, you may use targeting settings. However, each target setting reduces the range of the audience that will see your advertising campaigns. Therefore, if you are advertising a specific offer, then you need certain target settings and you risk getting too little traffic coverage, which means your profit is limited.

But ClickAdilla’s goal is you to get maximum traffic without loss, so our developers created a unique DSP traffic tool. This is a great opportunity to reach your potential customers and continue to receive excellent amounts of traffic!

Why is DSP traffic an indispensable assistant for each affiliate?

We are sure that you have found many useful platforms and tools to improve your advertising performance. But don’t you spend too much time and effort using different platforms? Just imagine having the same features, but at once!

We believe that time is money, so wasting time on multiple platforms is energy-consuming and takes away valuable hours and minutes from achieving ever-greater results.

How does DSP traffic work?

This is a unique service from your favorite ClickAdilla that allows you to integrate third-party traffic sources into one interface of our advertising network. You can literally manage all your campaigns from several traffic sources in one place!

The high-tech DSP platform was created based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. You get the attractive option of buying traffic from different websites, but you don't have to pay ad network margin.

That is, you simplify advertising processes and minimize labor costs, but you also don’t have to overpay commissions for purchasing traffic. You can buy traffic from different sources, which means you increase the volume of traffic and your chances of maximum profit!

Advantages of DSP traffic

Actually, these are not the only benefits that DSP traffic may bring you. We have made a short list so that you can familiarize yourself with all the main advantages of this high-tech tool.

Benefits of DSP traffic from ClickAdilla: 
- Optimization of advertising processes. Set up your campaigns in one place; 
- Access to several exchanges on the ClickAdilla platform; 
- Saving money, because you don’t pay advertising networks for margin; 
- The ability to analyze your campaigns in one place and manage them separately or simultaneously.

And of course, your personal manager is ready to provide expert support 24/7, so there is no chance that you will not be able to master DSP traffic from ClickAdilla.

Get the most out of traffic sources with ClickAdilla!


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