What is a postback and how to track conversions?

S2S Postback conversion tracking passes information between an affiliate network, tracking platform and a traffic source. To get your conversion visible in ClickAdilla statistics, you have to correctly set up the click ID transfer.

With server postback tracking, a unique transaction ID or click ID is generated by the platform on the initial click, and this unique ID is passed on from one page to another, until the conversion page, where the same ID is passed back to the merchant or tracking system to record the referrer and other details of the conversion.

And you may wonder, what's the point? All this is needed for the main thing - advertising costs optimization. Many advertisers and affiliate marketers use tracking platforms to сompare ad campaigns by the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions. Adding our postback and click id, you can track conversions on clickadilla statistics and optimize campaigns without opening your tracker. This is much more convenient, isn't it?

You can track conversions in ClickAdilla statistics without 3rd party trackers. In other words, you can get information about conversions directly from your affiliate network.

Open the Tracking tab to copy your Postback URL. Paste this link to the corresponding field of your CPA Network. Please, note that value of the token is unique to you.








Thrive tracker





You can find your postback URL here.

All available tokens are here.

S2S postback is the most secure and reliable method to count conversions. This type of tracking happens on the back-end, so it cannot be tampered with by random users. For this reason, it is considered one of the most trusted tracking methods.

In case you have questions, please, don't hesitate to contact your personal manager or live-chat support.