Need More Traffic? - Adjust Your Prices

You are not getting all the traffic you could. Did you know that? Consequently, the less traffic volume you get, the less potential conversions are about to occur.

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There are several factors which may result in low traffic volumes:

too narrow targeting settings;

too specific targets;

low prices.

Today we will talk about the last one.

Every time you are about to run your campaign, you set the price which is automatically compared to other players in the market. The marketers, who are ready to pay a little bit more than others, get the biggest amount of traffic. However, even with the highest bid today, you may have less traffic tomorrow. This happens because the prices are constantly changing, so you always have to keep an eye on it to be sure that your price set is high enough to compete with others. 

A little bit complicated? - no more.

We are glad to announce that the adjust prices function is now available for all ClickAdilla users. Adjust function manually analyzes the bids in the market and changes your price if the market’s one shifts. Thus, you continue to get traffic if the prices go up, and pay less if the prices go down. 

1.  Unstoppable traffic flow. Since your set price reacts to the changes in the market - the traffic volume does not decrease.

2. It saves time. You do not need to check the price box all the time to be sure that your price is actual.

3. Revenue. Since you get enough traffic - your revenue flow stays unhindered.

1. Go to campaigns section in a tab on the left in your ClickAdilla account;

2. Choose a campaign that you created before;

3. Press the adjust button;

💡 If you want your price to be adjusted automatically in the future - make sure that the function is enabled. After changing the limits for your price range and maximum price please save the parameters:

Adjust is now available for all ad formats. 

👇 Enable the auto adjust function and get traffic non-stop now 👇