A Path to Affiliate Success: How to leverage traffic arbitrage for financial gains

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In this article, we figure out two main steps to achieve excellent results at the start!

2024 has started, which means you can start your marathon to achieve new financial heights! Affiliate marketing is perfect for this, but there is something... The competition is quite high, so you should take into account certain features to not waste your advertising budget and not lose this affiliate battle. In this article, we figure out two main steps that will help you achieve excellent results at the start, even before you have gained experience!

Let's highlight three keys to success as an affiliate marketer:

1 – quality traffic
2 – offer with good demand
3 – advertising strategy

1st step: Traffic

Traffic is people who encounter your advertising while surfing the Internet, social networks, and using mobile applications. Audience interest affects your profits directly, so the issue of traffic should not be ignored, so let’s dive into this:

How to get conversions

Today, the most suitable traffic source for affiliate marketing is ad networks. Let's look at the advantages of advertising networks for affiliate marketers, taking ClickAdilla as an example:

Marketers have the opportunity to directly reach unique users from a variety of sites and applications, and not be afraid of sudden pessimization due to strict policies. Advertising is made as simple as possible with accessible tools and competitive advertising formats. 

Processes are automated to optimize your work in the best way.

Expert support is also always on hand to provide you with fast moderation and advice on how to improve your campaign. This seems like too much information, so let's take a deeper look at ClickAdilla's features:

1. Advertising formats

Signing up to ClickAdilla, you get access to the most popular ad formats. Click on “create campaign” on the left side of the interface and you will see all formats:

Frame 15.png

Popunder, web push, and banner are time-tested formats that have become the advertising foundation for many advertisers. These are simple tools that every beginner will probably need in their inventory.

In-stream, Out-stream, and Video slider are three modern video ad formats with easy setup and high visibility.

Tab direct links and native ads adapt to the traffic source, so these are promising tools for increasing engagement.

Interstitial and in-app make the phenomenon of banner blindness insignificant since modern advertising is full-screen.

In-page is a must-have for those who work with push notifications but do not want to lose iOS users.

Click on the link to learn more about all formats.


2. Coverage

Over 4.5 billion daily traffic volume is available to ClickAdilla users. This volume of traffic is achieved by the ability to advertise in more than 200 countries around the world, so our clients can receive the required volume by advertising in any GEO, including Tier 1 countries.

3. Additional tools

ClickAdilla has several unique tools that help improve the quality of traffic and make advertising more profitable:

Frame 16.png


This is an exclusive advertising tool that was created by ClickAdilla for clients to buy the entire volume of traffic from a specific website. The tool can be especially useful in two cases:

– You are a newcomer and want to find an easy way to advertise with maximum guarantee.
– You conducted split tests and found out that a certain website brings the highest click-through rate.

You get access to premium traffic sources consisting of unique users. Click “More” and find out all the necessary data:

Frame 17.png

Read this article to learn more about ClickAdilla Marketplace.


DSP traffic

This is another useful feature that allows you to maximize your traffic volume. DSP is the ability to integrate third-party traffic sources into the ClickAdilla interface. And the most important thing is that clients receive verified traffic that has passed anti-fraud testing. You can learn more about traffic DSP in this article.

Frame 18.png

There are more advantages of ad networks for affiliate marketing, you can learn about them in the guide article on choosing an advertising network.

2nd step: offer and ad strategies

Once you identified your traffic sources let us move on to the second step: our task is to choose a popular product or service that will be interesting to the audience and bring us huge traffic volume. Let's divide the offers into mainstream and adult verticals.

Mainstream has a lot of specifics in advertising, so it is most suitable for experienced affiliates.

If you are just starting your journey into affiliate marketing, then adult niches are the most suitable for you. Why? Here are the reasons:

– Adult verticals are suitable for a wide audience of different ages and genders, so you can learn to target a wide audience and narrow target groups.
– Demand for +18 niches does not depend much on demographics and culture, so you can advertise these products in different GEOs, gaining experience in advertising to different users.
– Seasonality does not affect the adult niches, so you can choose 1-2 verticals and continue to advertise consistently, regardless of external conditions.

Now let's talk about each adult vertical separately.


Dating is an affiliate program that is aimed at those users who use dating sites. Here are the main types of dating offers:

1. Standard. These are dating platforms for finding a soulmate or friends. This type belongs to mainstream offers, but it is suitable for novice advertisers.
2. Casual dating is a search for one-night stands.
3. +18 online games with the opportunity to chat.
4. Queer dating.

Adult and mainstream are equally popular in the market, so you can experiment with ad strategies. Moreover, many offers also include about 4-5 landing pages, depending on the profile of the target user, so even one offer allows you to try out different strategies.

You can find offers with different payment models: SOI, DOI, and CPI for dating applications and CPA for web platforms (usually payment occurs if a user purchases a premium subscription).
Dating is an excellent niche for advertising in almost all GEOs, but Tier 1 and 2 are more popular (Tier 3 takes up about 10% of the market). You can read the case studies of our clients to verify the profitability of these GEOs:

How to earn $2160 in Japan using Marketplace from ClickAdilla to advertise dating

How to earn $366.81 in dating in Tier 1

How to earn $759 in dating in the UK using in-stream



This is a relatively new adult niche that is showing successful growth. The principle of webcam platforms is that models communicate with users online and receive money for it. Therefore, we can distinguish two portraits of the target audience:

Webcam models. These are young girls and boys who are looking for a main or additional source of income. If you decide to advertise offers to this audience, then study the benefits of the offer since these users want to know all the advantages. For example, the frequency of payments, the ability to limit certain GEOs, and anonymity.

Clients. 90% of users are men aged 16-40 years. If you want to advertise to this audience, then do not forget that you can reach the LGBT community as well. We can highlight a certain behavioral feature of clients - as a rule, users mostly click on webcam offers when they come home after work. Therefore, you can limit your ads to show only on weekday evenings.

Strategies for working with webcam offers are quite similar to the dating vertical. The main GEOs are Tier 1 and 2 since the target audience is solvent users.

Gambling and betting

These niches are very profitable, and betting becomes a real goldmine during championship periods.

CPA is a popular payment model for these verticals. As a rule, it is a new user signing up and recharging the balance.

RevShare is also a good model that shows good profits in these niches. As a rule, gambling offers provide 20-60% of the amount that a user loses. The advantage of this model is that advertisers can receive passive income even after the campaign ends, as some users continue to top up their balance.

You can also find CPA + RevShare offers.

There is another payment model that is less popular than the previous ones - Sub-Affiliate. In this case, the advertiser reaches other affiliates and receives about 5% of their earnings.

Read this article to find out how to monetize the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

This past event became an excellent example as a guide to working with betting offers.

Speaking about gambling, you can achieve new users by offering simple gaming strategies or reach gambling enthusiasts by telling about the advantages of a particular platform.


This is another vertical that can be called evergreen in affiliate marketing. The main advantage of antiviruses is the absence of seasonality and the targeting of desktop and mobile traffic.

Payouts may vary - about $1-100. The best GEOs are Mexico, Spain, Italy, Colombia, and China.

Adult gaming

Online gaming is a rapidly growing billion-dollar industry. SPI and CPL are popular payment models. Choose banners, interstitial, or video ads to drive traffic - you can demonstrate the game process or ready-made promotional videos. Tier 1 and 2 are the most popular, for example, adult gaming is one of the most popular verticals in Japan.

When talking about the target audience, you should rely on the specific game you are going to advertise. You can read this article to learn more about advertising in the gaming vertical.


Nutra is one of the most ancient verticals of adult niches. Everyone has faced an advertisement for enlargers or stimulating gels at least once. The target GEOs are Tier 3 and 2. The fact is that there is too much competition in Tier 1 and it can be quite difficult to engage users since they have probably already seen analogs before. Tier 3 may be the best choice for nutra offers. For example, India: this country has developed sexual culture, so men will certainly be interested in new products to improve the quality of their intimate life.

You can also read this article to learn how to advertise nutra in Morocco.


Well, now you're probably ready to start conquering affiliate marketing! Want to know which tools and formats can help you achieve the best ROI performance in 2024? This article presents the most modern formats and exclusive tools that are perfect for a successful start. Find out everything first to be one step ahead of other advertisers!

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