ClickAdilla Year-End-Review and Plans 2024


ClickAdilla's 2023 Review and 2024 Roadmap

The New Year has finally arrived! Surely everyone of us made a wish and got the second wind to achieve new heights - our team is no exception!
We carefully gathered everything that 2023 has brought to our self-serve ad network, so let's delve into this and maybe you will learn new tools that will help maintain your advertisements trendy and competitive – and, of course, you’ll be the first to learn about our plans for 2024!

We want to ask you before starting – do you see any change right now? The most observant readers probably noticed that our blog design has changed! What else will be changed in 2024? We are attentive to your wishes, so our team decided to change the posting: long reads with visual navigations await you so beginners can strengthen the theory in practice, and experienced advertisers find more benefits.

We hope the new format of articles will be more interesting for you, and now we are returning to what has changed in Clickadilla during 2023!


In-page has gained additional features that made it more flexible, which means now you may adapt your in-page campaign to any strategy! Recently, we informed you about the appearance of in-page skins: your creative and the ad place may be changed for the growth of involvement.. You can learn more about additions in this article and now you may see the skin difference:


Additionally, we increased Asian traffic (including IN/ID), so 2024 is the time to try new in-page strategies in new GEOs. Moreover, we took care of the traffic quality and improved the antibot system to help you reach potential customers from authoritative sources!

What is Clickadilla’s goal in 2024?

We are glad to tell you about new skins, but these are not the last additions for customization! Our team is working on the ability to introduce new small elements, such as buttons. We believe that this step will help increase the engagement to get the maximum from the in-page format!

We strive to make your advertising as profitable as possible, so we are working on the accuracy of recommended bids so that you receive ad places at minimal prices.

Our team also wants to add an auto-selection of segments for each of your campaigns that are launched.


2023 helped us double the high-quality traffic volume! We also introduced a Google-friendly feature for publishers – this means that advertisers get a guarantee that high-quality traffic volume from their favorite domains won’t decrease due to pessimization.

Would you like to analyze what traffic brings the best CTR? Yeah, we understand you and that is why we have created a new method for estimating traffic segments so you may cover only the audience that brings good conversions.

What is Clickadilla’s goal in 2024?

How to improve target settings? Surely, you should experiment with settings and conduct A/B testing. But we are going to turn our advertising network into your indispensable assistant for popunder advertising. The plan for 2024 is the implementation of recommendations for optimizing your campaigns and addition automatic optimization of traffic sources and offers!

Push notifications

How to improve a proven mechanism even more? Our team has been working to improve the traffic quality, which is why many of our clients noticed the introduction of the High-Quality Push feature. Choose high quality traffic during the campaign creation to reach the most active users.

2 HQ-PUSH EN.png


The beginning of 2023 brought us a new unique tool - Marketplace. Many clients of ours have already managed to try this format and make it part of their advertising process. The tool provides the possibility of obtaining the whole traffic from a particular site. This gives you a huge advantage over competitors since you are guaranteed to get traffic regardless of rotation. Here are the main advantages:
- Guaranteed traffic volume without competition with other affiliates.
- The best placement that you choose yourself.
- A simple advertising process without the need for target testing.

The marketplace becomes a real lifeline if you test and notice that some site converts best. In this case, you can add the best sources to the white list or use the Marketplace to maximize the traffic volume from an effective source.
You can also learn more about the Marketplace from this article.

How to try Marketplace:

1. Sign in to your Clickadilla account.

2. Click on the “Marketplace” button that is located on the left side of the interface. You can see that the service is new, so now it's the right time to try because you can get the most favorable prices!


3. You can see filters. For example, you can find out which sites can be used to buy the whole traffic and see all the necessary data. Choose a traffic source, an ad format, the necessary GEOs, and desktop or mobile traffic. You can also quickly find your campaigns on this page.


Traffic DSP

This is another effective tool that 2023 gave us. DSP is a marketing service that simplifies the work of affiliate marketers by putting several sources in one place. This means that you can integrate third-party traffic sources and manage your campaigns in Clickadilla!

DSP has many advantages that are valuable for affiliates:
- Access to several traffic sources through the Clickadilla platform.
- The ability to set the necessary target helps you not to lose your potential customers.
- There is no need to pay margin for purchasing traffic to ad networks, so you can buy traffic at the best prices.
- The ability to control campaigns at once or separately – you only need Clickadilla’s interface for various strategies.
- Traffic filtering from third-party sources.
- Saving time and money.

You do not need to worry about the recommended bid since you pay for the service itself, not traffic. There are three tariffs and you can study them in the screenshot:

5 DSP 1 EN.png

How to try traffic DSP:

1. Sign in to your Clickadilla account.

2. Click on the “traffic DSP” button that is located on the left side of the interface.

3. Now you can see useful information about traffic DSP and 3 plans. Choose a suitable tariff for your ad strategy. Do not forget that you can always contact your account manager for any help.

6 DSP 2 EN.png

Read this article if you want to learn more about the traffic DSP from Clickadilla.

Tab Direct Links Icons

Summer 2023 brought us hot icons for Tab Direct Links to make your campaigns more noticeable and stand out among competitors. Icons are visual tips for users to click on Tab Direct Link and get acquainted with landing pages.

How to try? It's easy, just look:

1. Sign in to your Clickadilla account.

2. Select “Create a campaign” on the left side of the interface.

3. Select the Direct-link ad format.

7 TAB-LINK 1 EN.png

4. Make a creative or add to the right field.

5. Now you can see a wide variety of eye-catching icons that are suitable for any ad strategy.

8 TAB-LINK 2 EN.png

Want to know more about this feature? Read this article!

HTML5 Banners

This format has become demanded in the ad market, so now you can use HTML5 Banners in your beloved ClickAdilla! The main feature of these banners is that you can demonstrate your advertising on all browser types and operating systems. The ad format is quite flexible, so you can make your advertisement static or animated – moreover, HTML5 Banners exceed ordinary GIF images due to higher quality and adaptability. Are there any more advantages? Certainly! You can find out everything about HTML5 Banners in a brief but informative article.

How to try HTML5 banners in 4 easy steps:

1. Sign in to your ClickAdilla account.

2. Choose “Ads” on the left side of the interface.

3. Choose banners and click on “Create Banner”.

9 HTML-5 1 EN.png

4. Now you may launch your campaign and select HTML5 as an ad type.

10 HTML-5 2 EN.png

Clickadilla’s Interface

In conclusion, we will tell you that the interface of our self-serve ad network has also changed a bit: now you can add less effective traffic sources to the Black list while analyzing your statistics. Clickadilla is becoming more and more user-friendly, increasing its functionality year to year!


Well, what do you think about the changes? 2023 was truly an eventful year for us, because we did everything to help our customers be one step ahead of the competitors. We are pleased to tell you about our plans and hope that you are looking forward to the new ClickAdilla features like we do!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and new ad victories in 2024 – do not forget that ClickAilla is always nearby to provide only high-quality traffic!


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