Affiliate marketing: the power of adult products advertising

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In the article we discuss the features of advertising for an adult audience to advertise effectively.

You have probably already noticed that the world of affiliate marketing is quite diverse. Imagine how perfumers assemble a unique scent from various components - advertisers create converting advertising strategies in the same way. And of course, you should not make mistakes in this creative process! That is why we tell you about all aspects of the advertising process so that you can create your own unique recipe of success.

In this article, we propose to discuss the features of advertising for an adult audience. We will touch on all the important issues and by the end of the article you will understand whether it is worth advertising adult offers and how to do it effectively.

What is an adult vertical

Adult offers are products and services that are suitable specifically for an adult audience. Here are the niches:
- Nutra +18 (advertising pills, enlargers, etc.)
- utilities (applications for adults – for example, games with erotic scenes)
- dating (casual offers for finding a one night stand)
- webcams (advertising platforms that allow webcam models to communicate with users live stream)
- adult (for example, advertising porn sites)

As you know, affiliate marketing is changing at an unimaginable speed, so you may be wondering whether it is worth continuing to advertise adult offers. Our answer is definitely yes! ClickAdilla is famous for its vast experience in working with adult traffic, and believe us, we have something to tell you! Just let us list the main interesting features of +18 products and services:

- Adult verticals are designed for a wide audience. All people are somehow interested in +18 industries. Therefore, your target audience can be of any age and gender.
- The demand for these products and services does not change due to external factors. For example, the period of coronavirus quarantine has clearly shown that even while at home, people are just as interested in adult industries as before.
- Products and services are designed for different GEOs, which gives a huge impetus to development in affiliate marketing. You can experiment with advertising in countries with low competition, or take a chance at conquering Tier-1 with the highest payouts.

These are just some of the reasons that make adult offers an evergreen niche. High popularity and stable growth make +18 industries the best for beginner advertisers. You may need good experience advertising mainstream offers to reach your target audience. But adult niches are the easiest to start with. Are you still in doubt? Read the case studies of our advertisers on ClickAdilla’s blog, who are just starting to master affiliate marketing, but are already making excellent profits despite mistakes!

Where to get traffic for adult offers

There are two main sources where you can find traffic to advertise your products and services. We propose to analyze each of them so that you can see their advantages and disadvantages and be able to make a choice:

Advertising on social networks

This is a great opportunity to reach your target audience through a variety of settings. For example, you can target GEO, gender, age, etc. All of this helps create a specific filter to show your ads only to those who are potentially interested.

But there are also disadvantages. Most likely, the policies of social networks are the main reason for your difficulties. There is a high chance that your advertising may be blocked, so you will have to maintain censorship in making creatives. This can be a real problem because the capabilities of some products and services need to be shown to users right away so that the audience shows interest and does not ignore your ad creative.

Another important disadvantage is that social networks can offer a fairly limited amount of traffic. You can only show your ads to those people who are registered users of the social network.

As you can see, these restrictions are quite a large-scale problem for advertising adult niches on social networks. This is why experienced affiliate marketers choose the second method to get traffic – advertising platforms.

Buying traffic in advertising networks

An advertising network can be described as an intermediary between an advertiser and a website or application owner who sells advertising space on the sources. Advertising platforms allow you to advertise your offers on suggested sources, so you can choose the amount of traffic you want to receive.

We will list the main reasons why experienced advertisers use ad networks, and at the same time you will understand why these platforms become the choice of many newbies:

- Wide range of targeting options to reach your target audience even more effectively
- A large list of authoritative sources that have been tested by anti-fraud and anti-bot systems
- Ability to conveniently analyze advertising statistics
- Variety of advertising formats to try different advertising strategies
- Additional tools to get maximum traffic quality
- Opportunity to seek support from a personal manager

These are just some of the reasons to use advertising networks. It is worth adding that all advertising networks offer different conditions, so find out all the features of the platforms in advance. You can also read our blog article for detailed instructions on choosing the best ad network.

How to drive traffic successfully

There are several features in advertising adult niches. If you take them into account in your work, you can improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and achieve conversions much easier.

The first thing you need to do is choose a good ad network that offers a lot of options. Contact platform managers to learn about features and additional useful tools.

The next step is to create a campaign. We recommend studying competitors' landing pages to find effective strategies. But this doesn’t mean you should copy other advertiser’s creatives! Try to find trends that help achieve conversions. Experiment with landing pages to stay competitive. Spy services are great for analyzing competitors. Moreover, some landing builders can work together with spy tools, so you can conduct additional analysis while making creatives.

Affiliate marketing is a process of trial, error, and experimentation. Therefore, even experienced advertisers cannot create the most converting campaign the first time. Try making several different creatives and testing them so you can analyze the results and find the one that converts the most.

Yes, adult products are suitable for a wide audience, but targeting will help you reach your potential customers even more effectively. We also recommend running separate campaigns for mobile and desktop traffic. As a rule, mobile traffic is more popular for adult offers, but you can always check the statistics before setting up a campaign.

Don't ignore the importance of limits. Set a daily budget limit, and don’t try to show your ads to users several times a day – there is no sense but you may waste your budget.

And if you want to optimize the advertising process as much as possible, then ClickAdilla is always at your service. You can find a user-friendly interface that has everything you need to work:
- 13 advertising formats
- more than 240 GEOs, including Tier-1
- convenient target and limit settings
- handful tools that will help you get maximum profit even if it is your first campaign.

These are not all the advantages of ClickAdilla: find out all the reasons to join our advertising network from your account manager.


We hope that our article helped clarify the issue of making money by driving traffic for adult products and services. As you know, ClickAdilla is a professional in the field of adult traffic, so we have a lot to share with you! You can learn a lot of useful recommendations about making creatives in different advertising formats specifically for adult niches - just explore our blog! And if you have already joined us, then do not hesitate to contact your ClickAdilla personal manager for help. Our team is always happy to analyze your campaigns and share our expert opinion!

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