Get 92% ROI running in-stream adult game in Spain

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In this case study, we'll dive into the remarkable success story of an advertiser who made a cool $1273 by running an adult game offer on ClickAdilla's advertising platform. His secret? Targeting Spain and using the in-stream ad format to tap into the thriving market for hentai games

CPA Network: PaySale

Offer: Hentai Heroes (Adult Game)

Traffic source: ClickAdilla

Ad format: In-Stream

GEO: Spain

Period: 16/04/2022 - 05/05/2022

Costs: $664.14

Revenue: $1273.48

ROI: 91.75%


Let’s call him Niko, as he refused to uncover his name. What's impressive is that Niko didn't have to sweat over creating his own video content. He stumbled upon a goldmine of existing adult anime videos on the internet and cleverly leveraged them in his ad campaigns.

Now, let's talk about the game itself. We're diving into the world of hentai games. If you're not familiar, they're those Japanese animated games with all the saucy content. Turns out, Europeans go crazy for this stuff, making it a juicy niche for targeted advertising. It's like hitting the jackpot!

Our advertiser didn't leave success to chance. He honed in on his target audience, unleashed captivating in-stream ads, and rode the wave of hentai game popularity in Europe. Niko’s earnings skyrocketed, and we're about to spill all the juicy details on the strategies and techniques that made it happen.

So, grab a seat and get ready for an eye-opening journey into the world of adult gaming, targeted advertising, and how this savvy advertiser struck gold with ClickAdilla. It's gonna be one hell of a ride!


Niko went with the Hentai Heroes adult game offer because he knew it would be a hit among European audiences. He noticed that hentai and adult gaming, especially the Japanese animation stuff, had a massive following in the region. It was a no-brainer for them to jump on this opportunity and promote Hentai Heroes.

Not only did Niko see the potential for huge engagement, but they also knew that adult gaming offers tend to keep users hooked and generate serious cash. With Hentai Heroes' addictive gameplay and captivating storylines, it was the perfect product to rake in the dough.

Hentai Heroes.png

Campaign Settings


Niko’s choice of the in-stream format in ClickAdilla was driven by its potential for high click-through rates (CTR) and strong conversion rates. Drawing from his experience, Niko knew that captivating video creatives in the in-stream format can effectively engage viewers and prompt action. This format seamlessly integrates within the content, ensuring a receptive audience and maximizing the impact of the adult game offer. The advertiser's decision was strategic, leveraging visually enticing videos to leave a lasting impression and generate significant earnings.


First, he set up the price as it was in the Price box - $0,2 CPM.

After almost a week he activated the Auto Adjust function and connected only Premium traffic sources, so his price changed - it raised up to $0.26 - $0.3 CPM. It was fluctuating during the period due to changes in the RTB auction. Nevertheless, with the Auto-Adjust, he got the whole traffic volume needed.

1 price.png
His first price


His price with Premium Sources and Auto-Adjust


For the first week of testing Niko’s targets were like that:

Countries: Spain

Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Safari Mobile

Categories group: Adult

Targeting 1.png

His target country for this offer was only Spain. He’s chosen the most popular browsers to target: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Safari Mobile.

The traffic category was Adult, as he was targeting RON (all sources).

Then he optimized his targets. After a week of testing, he set up an IP2 Location Type target for Fixed ISP, Mobile ISP, and Fixed/Mobile ISP. It narrowed his traffic but gave him a more relevant audience.

Altogether with IP2 Location Type, he’ve chosen to target Premium sources. To filter the users, Niko put a daily limit to unique users – only 2 impressions per user per day. 

Targeting 2.png
Limits 2.png

Targeting fixed IPs allows advertisers to reach specific households, businesses, or organizations. This precision is valuable when the goal is to deliver tailored messages to a particular demographic or geographic area. Similarly, targeting Mobile ISPs enables advertisers to reach mobile device users based on their service providers, ensuring relevant and localized ad delivery.


Let's explore how Niko approached his campaign’s creatives. Rather than starting from scratch, he found a variety of hentai videos available online. He selected segments from different videos and crafted a series of enticing ads. These ads provided a glimpse into the captivating world of the hentai online game they were promoting.

текст кейса - Google Docs 2023-06-15 12-40-40.png
текст кейса - Google Docs 2023-06-15 12-41-31.png

To further enhance his ad effectiveness, the advertiser incorporated compelling call-to-action phrases in Spanish that resonated with his target audience. We translated some of them:

“Try not to c**”

“Satisfy your curiosity for free”

“F**k them all – free online game”

And some more phrases like that.

Campaign Optimization

First, Niko optimized his creatives throughout the campaign. He was selecting the videos that brought more CTR and conversions. He uploaded 15 different videos and sometimes he was adding another one to test them.

After several days he figured out which videos gave the best results and used them for the rest of the campaign adding and testing another creative from time to time.

Second, Niko decided to turn on the Auto-Adjust function which helped him to be always up-to-date with his bid. That’s how he economized on traffic and always got the desired volume.

Third, Niko started targeting only Premium sources after a week of testing RON. That worked best for him.

Then, he set up the IP2 Location Type target and unique users filter which helped him to get more precise traffic for his campaign.


для кейса инстрим испания аниме 01.png
для кейса инстрим испания аниме 02.png

Here is his screenshot from the tracker:

для кейса инстрим испания аниме 03.png

In conclusion, this case study highlights the remarkable success achieved by the advertiser in leveraging ClickAdilla's advertising platform. With an initial investment of $664, Niko was able to generate an impressive revenue of $1273, resulting in a remarkable return on investment (ROI) of 91.75%.

By strategically targeting the Spanish market and utilizing the in-stream ad format, the advertiser tapped into a lucrative niche and effectively captured the attention of his target audience. The decision to promote an adult game offer, specifically a hentai online game, proved to be a wise choice due to the immense popularity of this genre among Europeans.

Niko's resourcefulness in creating compelling ads by using existing hentai videos from the internet and incorporating enticing call-to-action phrases played a significant role in attracting and engaging his audience. The combination of captivating creatives and strategic campaign execution resulted in a positive ROI, surpassing the initial investment.

This case study serves as a testament to the potential profitability and effectiveness of targeted advertising campaigns in the adult gaming industry. By understanding the preferences of the target audience, leveraging suitable ad formats, and employing creative strategies, advertisers can achieve substantial returns on their investments.

It is important to note that the success of this case study is specific to the advertiser's experience and approach. Results may vary depending on various factors, including the target audience, market conditions, and campaign execution. Nonetheless, this case study offers valuable insights and inspiration for anyone seeking to explore the adult gaming industry and maximize their advertising efforts.

Now it’s your turn to try yourself in an adult gaming campaign!

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