Try auto payment at ClickAdilla

We are glad to announce that auto payment is now available for the SecurionPay payment method. SecurionPay is an online and mobile based payment gateway. It supports any payment scenario in a secure and easy way.

Watch a detailed video with a screencast on why and how to use auto payment at ClickAdilla 👇

Auto payment is a function that automatically tops your advertising balance up once it reaches the limit. In ClickAdilla the limit is set as $50 by default. There are many reasons why professional advertisers and affiliate marketers use this tool. Let us consider the most popular of them.

1.  Millions of advertisers recognize auto payments as a revenue-increasing tool. With it you may be sure that your advertising activities will not stop. Once the ad account reaches the limit of $50, the system refills it and your ad campaign continues generating revenue for you. 

2. It saves time. You do not need to check your advertising account and monitor the balance all the time. Meanwhile, you do not need to waste time on repeating the transactions and wait for them to be approved. Everything is done automatically. 

3. Auto payment ensures unhindered advertising and promotional activities. Once you start making tests it is important to create all the conditions for your campaign to provide you with maximum results. Sometimes it becomes challenging as you cannot always check the balance. There is another common situation when your campaign starts getting results and stops as the balance runs out. Auto payment solves these problems. 

Now, when we have identified why we need this function, let us see how to make it work.

1. Log in to your ClickAdilla account.

2. Go to the Ad funds section in a bar on the left.

3. Choose the credit card payment method.

4. Top up your balance for the amount you need.

5. Since the auto payment function is turned on by default you may stop at this step. Thus, if you want your balance to be replenished by $100 every time it reaches the limit, you only need to top up for $100 once. 

6. This step is optional. Follow it if you want your balance to be replenished by another amount rather than now. In this case top up for the amount you need and change the auto payment sum afterwards as it shown below.

As you can see, integrating auto payment into your marketing activities is a simple procedure. It prevents your campaigns from unplanned stoppings and saves your time and profits.

Try auto payments now and stay tuned for the upcoming marketing tools! 👇