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Top-5 strategies for affiliate marketing: find out useful tips for working with the strategies

ClickAdilla’s team welcomes you with the new article! So, you have probably heard a lot of success stories in affiliate marketing, and maybe even seen courses to master the advertising industry. Or maybe you are actively reading our blog and have decided to try to make money by advertising products and services. Yeah, we do not know how you got into affiliate marketing, but since you clicked on this article, you have one main question - what should I do to make money from advertising?

What is important to know?

We will try to give you clear recommendations that you can use in your work.

The only thing we want to add is to never copy other marketers’ advertising strategies, rather analyze them and improve them to create your unique path to success. We hope that you will take this recommendation into account because those who treat the advertising process like a casino are the first to lose their budget. The fact is that affiliate marketing is not a game of fortune and there are no winners or losers. 

Therefore, you cannot find a magic elixir and make a profit - you need to analyze other people's success and your own mistakes to find your unique path.

Still, we will give additional reasons so that you definitely stop considering that the advertising industry is a stroke of luck. The thing is, you never know all the details. It's like a recipe that may not taste good if one ingredient is wrong. What are the important ingredients in affiliate marketing:

- Product or service. You can take a similar offer for advertising, but it will give completely different results.

- The budget also determines the final results, because large investments are excellent opportunities to get a good volume of traffic and also improve its quality.

- Working methods may also differ. For example, you can use black and white lists at the very beginning and abandon them during the optimization process, or you can start an advertising campaign without them. Simply put, you never know all the ins and outs of someone else's campaign.

- Understanding the niche. This also plays a big role in achieving success, because understanding the industry gives you the ability to quickly adapt your campaign to the desired GEO. It will also give you an understanding of the special nuances that are important to consider when advertising a certain niche.

- Understanding GEO is a separate point. The fact is that the same advertising strategy would bring different results in different geographies. This is influenced by the characteristics of culture and lifestyle.

- Experience in affiliate marketing can also be called a good indicator of achieving high results. For example, there are fairly simple strategies and everyone can make a profit, but there are more complex advertising processes that require experience and knowledge.

- And finally, we want to say something additional about the human factor. Many newbies are afraid of losing their budget and get scared as soon as they see the first unsuccessful results. However, an experienced advertiser knows that you can spend a large portion of your budget on optimization to find the combination of settings and creatives that convert.

How to work with strategies?

Now you know why you should not copy other marketers’ strategies, but you need to learn to do something of your own. But yeah, we reiterate that case studies from other marketers are a great help if you know how to use them. How to work with other affiliates' advertising strategies?

1. Firstly, you need to find a good case study. Read different case studies and decide which strategies seem most attractive to you:

  • What kind of vertical?
  • What about Tier?
  • What is the advertising format?

If you have found a curious case study, you can start analyzing it.

2. Compare your vertical and strategy to your capabilities. If you find a good case with a large budget, then it is unlikely to help you if you have little investment to start in affiliate marketing. The fact is that many strategies directly depend on the size of the deposit.

3. Select several case studies and learn them. You will probably notice that there are some similarities in advertisers' strategies. This will allow you to find the main foundation that you can make unique. This is also a great opportunity to see how strategies differ.

Don’t forget that you can always find many interesting case studies with high performance on ClickAdilla’s blog!

We are always happy to share with you the successes of our advertisers!

And we start our discussion of the top 5 strategies from ClickAdilla!

1: get the whole traffic

So you're just starting to drive traffic. The question may arise - where to get quality traffic? We know the answer! You can buy all the traffic of a specific website. This means that you always get guaranteed traffic regardless of rotation.

Marketplace is a unique tool that was created by ClickAdilla to reach your target users even more efficiently. The marketplace is great for working with adult niches, as ClickAdilla provides an excellent list of reputable traffic sources.

You can start buying traffic from several traffic sources, and then optimize. At the end of the test period, you will know which websites perform best. This will allow you to choose the most effective source and buy all the traffic.

2: automatize your offer for different GEOs

You can make the most of your campaign and advertise it in several GEOs. For example, you can find offers that are suitable for several Tier-1 countries.

Use a smart link to display your product or service in several GEOs at the same time. It works quite simply - you set up a campaign and the smart link automatically displays landing pages in the desired language.

This strategy can also work well across different verticals. To try this strategy, you need to find an offer that is suitable for several countries.

3: show several offers at the same time

A smart link can also offer advertisers a different approach. You can advertise different offers but from the same vertical. For example, you can drive traffic to different dating apps at the same time.

A smart link can automatically determine which GEO to show a specific offer to. This is a great opportunity because you can get even more traffic and conversions. You may not get high ROI performance from one country, but another country may please you with successful results.

4: passive income without restrictions

Yes, we are talking about referral programs! Referral programs allow registered users to receive a personal link to invite other users. Inviting other people involves making a profit, so many marketers work with this strategy.

The most attractive thing about this strategy is the ability to receive payments even after the end of the advertising campaign. This advertising format is suitable for different niches; your only task is to find a brand that offers participation in the referral system.

5: use what is already ready

Surely you may be faced with the need to create landing pages. Yes, landing page builders offer great features that even a beginner can master. However, some advertisers refuse to create personal landing pages for various reasons. This doesn’t mean that the world of affiliate marketing is disappearing – you can advertise offers with ready-made landing pages. All you have to do is create a campaign with the chosen strategy and motivate users to click on the landing page.

This way even applies to video advertising. For example, you can use ready-made promotional videos or record a video of your phone screen to show the process of using an offer (for example, the process of playing an app).


We hope you find our small selection of different strategies useful. These options are suitable for both newcomers and experienced affiliate marketers.

We wish you to find your unique recipe for success to revolutionize the advertising industry.

And don't forget that ClickAdilla is always here to offer you high-quality traffic for adult and mainstream offers.

Find unique keys to success with ClickAdilla!


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