Native ads in adult marketing: the steps to get maximum conversions

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In this article, we will talk about a great advertising opportunity that offers amazing performance in adult marketing - native adverts!

As you know, the world of affiliate marketing is constantly evolving. Therefore, if you want to maintain success in the advertising industry, then you definitely need to follow new advert trends, or better yet, get ahead of them.

In this article, we will talk about a great advertising opportunity that offers amazing performance in adult marketing. Yeah, we're talking about native adverts! Many experienced advertisers choose this advertising format, as it can rightly be called a powerful tool for attracting audiences and getting maximum conversions.

That’s why we decided to create a detailed guide to delve into the world of native advertsin adult niches. Firstly, we'll talk about what a native ad is and why it's so effective. We'll also provide you with helpful guidance from our team and our clients so you can create compelling ad creatives on your own. The main task is to combine your creatives with the user experience as organically as possible so that you finally get on the path to conversions.

What is native ads?

To begin with, we suggest understanding what native advert is. This will help you understand why this format is capable of delivering such excellent performances.

Native ad is a fairly popular advertising format that has managed to show its excellent effectiveness and convince marketers to continue using it. Native advertising has a great user experience as it is considered one of the least intrusive formats.

The main feature of a native ad is that it can be organically integrated into the visual of the traffic source. That is, advertising creative is like a chameleon that adapts to its environment. Therefore, you can go to the site and pay attention to something, but you will not even immediately understand that this is advertising and not the main content of the site.

As you understand, this interesting feature allows you to achieve excellent results in advertising, but let's discuss the details. Yeah, native ads certainly show effectiveness in driving traffic to mainstream offers, but what about adult niches?

Native advertising in adult verticals

As you know, ClickAdilla has extensive experience in working with adult traffic, so we have a lot to tell you. We have noticed that native advertising allows you to achieve really good results in the adult industries. Users have high enough trust in native advertising that they may show enough interest and actively click on the advertising creative.

How does it work? When users click on a website, they expect to see content that interests them. Native ads look like part of the content, so they can effectively and quickly interest the audience and motivate them to click.

How to create native advertising

Creating native adverts is quite simple, but there are some things you need to keep in mind. Now we'll talk a little about the basic steps and what you should definitely consider during the creation process.

1. Understanding your audience. If you want to try native advertising, then be prepared for the fact that targeting is a key task. The better you can target, the more conversions you can expect. Think about who might be interested in your product or service, and what interests and desires the target audience might have. When working with native advertising, targeting becomes a true combination of art and science, with the addition of marketing expertise.

If you are a beginner and want to try native adverts, but are worried about lack of knowledge, then there is a solution! Adult offers can be the best solution to start mastering native adverts. Adult industries are designed to reach a wide audience, so you can test and experiment with your campaign.

2. Pay attention to choosing a good advertising platform. You will need a good amount of quality traffic, which consists of unique users. Therefore, strive to choose only those advertising networks that work only with authoritative sources and check the quality of traffic with anti-fraud and anti-bot systems.

We often give a lot of advice in other articles on ClickAdilla's blog so that you can choose the best ad network. See instructions in other articles to make the right choice.

3. Choose only proven traffic sources. Also, buy traffic only from those websites that match the interests of your offer. It is very important to reach your target audience as much as possible, so choose only those sources that your potential customers can visit.

For example, it would be weird to place your advertising of dating platforms on betting websites. But at the same time, it would be quite reasonable to advertise dating on webcam or porn sites (depending on the type of dating offer, of course).

We also recommend using black and white lists to eliminate ineffective sources and continue to advertise only on sites that bring conversions.

4. Create attractive content. As you know, we regularly provide you with helpful tips on setting up campaigns with different ad formats. You can find out a lot of useful information about making creatives on our blog, but now we will briefly tell you the key features:

- The title is the key to generating interest. Users pay attention to the title and quickly decide whether they want to learn more information. We recommend not using too “aggressive” clickbait, but CTA phrases can bring great conversions.

- The visual of your creative is of great importance. Your advertisement should not stand out too much from the background design of the traffic source. Use the same colors and style to make your ad part of the overall content on the site. Also, do not forget that your pictures should be the addition to the title and main text. Therefore, try to choose only those images that go well with the rest of the creative.

- Advertising text also has a lot of meaning. Your main task is to tell users about the benefits of the product as briefly and informatively as possible. You can also use call-to-action phrases to boost conversions from your texts. Don’t forget to take into account the features of the offer. For example, if you are advertising webcams, then you do not need too much text. But you can provide a lot of information about Nutra products (for example, expert opinion and reviews from other customers).

- Additional features. Users love interactivity, so try using different ways to attract attention. Interactions may vary, such as countdowns, quizzes, polls, and sweepstakes.

- Testing. This process is important when working with any advertising format, but native ad requires careful monitoring of the results achieved. Make multiple creatives to track statistics and optimize your campaign. You can read the case studies of our clients, and there you can find a lot of useful information about optimization and creating an advert that converts.

Features of native ads

If you plan to drive traffic to different countries, then you should take into account the features of GEOs. The easiest way to start mastering affiliate marketing is by advertising in your country since you know the peculiarities of mentality and culture. Keep in mind that getting a converting advertising strategy does not mean that it will work in other GEOs.

Advertising should not cause negative feelings in users, so study the location features in advance and do not use prohibited words, signs, and images.

Native advertising trends

Any advert is subject to change due to the high speed of development of affiliate marketing. Therefore, if you always want to get maximum conversions, then you need to keep up with the times and catch up with trends. Native ads are not an exception, so learn to spot new trends ahead of time.

Spy services are great for these purposes. Thanks to this useful advertising tool, you can track your competitors' landing pages and analyze statistics. We do not recommend copying the creatives of other advertisers, as someone else's advertising strategy is unlikely to bring you the same results. Instead, analyze your competitors and find common trends that help them make money from advertising.


Native ad is a great solution if you are looking for new ways to effectively reach your target audience. These are great marketing opportunities to integrate advertising into a positive user experience, which means you can get even more conversions than with other types of advertising.

It is worth adding that native advertising is a good option for implementing different advertising strategies. You can motivate users to take any action, which means you have a variety of opportunities to work with different payment models.

Even if your goal is simply to increase awareness and improve your brand's reputation, then a native ad is definitely one of the best choices for these marketing purposes.

Use the full potential of one of the most powerful advertising tools by understanding the nuances of native advertising. Adapt to evolving trends and success in affiliate marketing will be on your side.

It's your turn to create advertising campaigns that convert, grab attention, and generate huge profits.

And ClickAdilla is always at your service to make the most of your opportunities!


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