More Conversions with Crypto Interest Targeting

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More Conversions with Crypto Interest Targeting

We will draw a portrait of crypto-interested audience for affiliate marketing in 2022 and share with you a new ClickAdilla’s feature - Crypto Interest.

Despite unexpected changes in the rates of crypto currencies, the HYPE around them is only rising in 2022. That is why, today ClickAdilla will draw a portrait of crypto-interested audience in 2022 and share with you a new ClickAdilla’s feature - Crypto Interest.

💡 Meanwhile, if you can’t wait to see how our new feature may help you to increase your conversions in crypto vertical, hit the last item in the table of contents.

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The benefits and drawbacks of working in crypto
How to drive traffic to crypto?
Crypto Interest

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The benefits and drawbacks of working in crypto

In the cryptocurrency industry, it is always obvious what the target audience ultimately wants to receive out of the deal. It might be investments, crypto exchanges, trading, training classes, or working with new blockchain technology, but it all boils down to a desire to earn and increase the wealth invested.

Meanwhile, 80 percent of all potential clients earn a good living and are willing to invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in a promotional offer on a regular basis. Finally, every user brought in results in a very reasonable reward, which can reach $750 or more.

Furthermore, advertisers in the presented category are far more devoted to rewards. To begin with, there are no holds; all the user has to do is make a deposit, and the publisher can immediately receive his share of the profits. Second, because it takes time for users to make decisions about such large purchases, advertisers frequently agree to pay an advance to an affiliate, sufficient to cover living expenses until the next payment is made.

The main drawback is that it is tough to attract an audience because cryptocurrency is quite popular and tens of thousands of publishers want to make money at the same time. On the other hand, it all depends on the precise target audience and GEO you choose to deal with. Clients can be fussy about advertising or, alternatively, consent to any offer, no matter how insignificant.

How to drive traffic to crypto?

If you have become interested in gaining experience with this vertical, it is worth getting to know the general portrait of your new target audience first. They are mostly men between 25 and 40 years old with higher education and an increased level of income. Such folks frequently earn more than $130,000 per year, have an MA degree, and are well-versed in finance.

We are also interested in the female half, although to a much lesser level, because only 22 percent of cryptocurrency investors are women, but this ratio is expected to rise to roughly 35 percent in the long run. Also note that the highest interest in the represented vertical is among older individuals, with the younger generation of zoomers accounting for only 10 percent of crypto enthusiasts.

Moreover, 57 percent of cryptocurrency buyers are millennials between the ages of 25 and 40. Geographically, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Vietnam have the most number of token holders. Of course, this does not imply that you should reject the United States, England, Germany, and other Tier-1 GEOs; people in these nations have enormous wealth, so they will be easy to be convinced to become your client.

Finally, it is important for us to understand exactly what our target audience is interested in, and much depends on the specific GEO. In Western nations, for instance, people have little reason to rush and prefer to increase their capital slowly and methodically through investments. In contrast, the Asian market is far more receptive to short-term agreements and fast results, even if they are less profitable.


Finally, let's break down which creos will convert in 2022 in cryptocurrency direction. To begin, we must determine which of the two target audience types we will be dealing with – beginners or experts with experience.

If with the first category, the creatives should be as simple as possible and reflect the pains of the potential client. For example, if we need money, we must display money; if we want to learn to understand and engage with the market, we must visualize the training's success in some way.


If you are working with industry professionals, however, there are quite a few options. With a longer warm-up, you can come up with some kind of success story by a young guy or girl. In the event of instant lead creation, you should present as much evidence of your ability as possible, such as sophisticated charts, market analysis, and similar items that will be appreciated by the pros.



Therefore, the crypto industry is quite promising, and despite its drawbacks, a large number of publishers want to work with it. High stakes, relative ease of entry into the industry, loyal advertisers and more all make crypto an indispensable vertical that is only getting more popular by the day.

Crypto Interest

💡ClickAdilla’s new feature CRYPTO INTEREST is designed for you to target exceptionally people who were looking for or downloading something related to crypto vertical.


To enable this function you simply need to sign into your ClickAdilla account and start creating your campaign. On the first step at the very bottom, you have an opportunity to turn on crypto targeting.


Now, targeting crypto audiences becomes even easier. Try out yourself!

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