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The best nutra affiliate networks are the base for starting in the niche. It’s better to rely on proven sources so we gathered several ones.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing then with a high probability you heard about affiliate nutra, but why can it be so profitable for advertisers? Let’s find out!

Is affiliate nutra a good choice for novice advertisers?

Looking for a niche to start in affiliate marketing? Then Nutra can be an excellent choice to start. This is an up-and-coming and profitable niche that shows excellent results with our traffic. Get more conversions with ClickAdilla!

This article is a Quick Start Guide for newcomers to the affiliate world who would like to learn more about nutra vertical. Below you will find basic information, helpful tips, reliable affiliate networks, payment models, and pre-landing page tips.

What is Nutra affiliate marketing

Nutra or nutritional supplements is an affiliate vertical that combines many products: dietary supplements, skincare, male enhancement gels, testosterone boosters, health and well-being, beauty merchandise, and related industries. Each of these categories is designed for a specific segment of people. Therefore, the marketer’s primary task is to choose the category that will best suit the traffic source.

How to choose Nutra offer that would convert

People will always want to look better, feel better and do better. Even if we go back to the lockdown times, the demand for nutra offers did not decrease. As you see no matter what is going on in the world, the demand keeps high ratings. It is a short explanation if you should pay attention to the nutra or not. Surely many affiliate advertisers try to work with affiliate nutra offers though they can not reach the profit. We gathered some general recommendations to help you avoid typical mistakes and get brilliant results for your campaigns.

When you choose an offer, you should focus on the following aspects:

  • Conversion flow and Pricing model. Find out the type of conversion and your payout per sale.
  • Resource audience. The offer must be relevant to the topic and gender audience of the site.
  • Seasonality of the product. For example, the best time for weight loss products is spring (relevant for northern countries).
  • How old is the offer? An offer that has been advertised for over a year is unlikely to show a good conversion.
  • Exclusivity. Ask your manager in an affiliate network for exclusive nutra offers. Payouts for in-house offers are often higher.
  • What are the advantages of the product? Usually, all the information is on the landing page provided by the affiliate program.
  • Adult or Mainstream. Most ad networks prohibit advertising offers with adult content. In ClickAdilla adult creatives are allowed.

Never stop observing trends.

Research should be one of the first actions to do. Many nutra advertisers forget about this obvious advice and face disappointments as a result. Time ticks and trends are changing day by day. So it would be a large mistake to find one offer, prepare effective creative and end research. Yeah, if you find something impactful it isn’t the time to relax and enjoy the successful traffic. It can be profitable today, but what will you do tomorrow? So we definitely recommend you never stop analyzing to stay in the trend and catch a new relevant one. So if you notice you stop getting enough users’ actions with your offers then it’s better to try something different. You can try to fix your creatives though if the trend is passing away then it would be complicated to get the same traffic as it was before.

Never copy others’ offers.

Do not try to use a similar or the same landing page as other nutra advertisers use. There is high competition in affiliate nutra marketing. So just imagine everyone using the same landing pages: your potential customers may ignore the offers because they can get used to the same creatives and stop paying attention. As a result, you get fewer clicks on your advertising campaigns and lose users’ target actions. Prepare your unique landing page to avoid it. If you can analyze your previous campaigns then you can suppose what may give better results.

Try to gather as much information as you can to create an extraordinary landing page. It would take more time though you can get better traffic as a consequence of your attempts.

Do not use perfect photos.

One more piece of advice arises from the one above. We do not recommend you always take pictures from photo stocks. The problem is that such photos do not look natural. As a result, your offers wouldn’t get the trust of your target audience. Do not try to find a perfect picture, it is better to find something that can help to visualize the results of using the product, but with the minimum of Photoshop editing.

Do not neglect details. 

At first glance, this advice may not sound too meaningful. Though we can claim many affiliate nutra advertisers ignore the details which can seem unimportant. That’s why we want to mention it as well. For example, you can find an appropriate picture, but poor image quality can spoil the final results. Though quality is not the only picture measure you should pay attention to. Type of advertising matters also so it is crucial not to ignore the size and format of the photo for your creatives. When you make your advertising campaign, you can choose the devices to show your offers. So the picture’s parameters differ depending on desktop and mobile ads. If you decide to publish your adverts for mobile phones, then do not forget the image text should be readable and the significant details are visible. The same thing about the click button.

Indeed, it often happens that advertisers analyze their creatives and can’t find the reason for bad traffic, but the problem can be an unattractive visual side of creatives.

Country’s specific matters.

Plenty of beginners analyze trends and start to publish ads like others do. Yeah, you can find trendy nutra products, but there is no guarantee you will reach success this way. Why? The key is to understand the specifics of your target audience, not only to find a popular product and start to advertise it. Our recommendation is to take some time to analyze your potential customers accurately. Try to find out more about the people’s lifestyle of the country you want to target your offers to. A simple example to understand is beauty products. If you read a couple of articles on the Internet, then you can find out different products can be popular depending on the weather in the particular country
We can also add not to forget about language specifics. Do not write the text blindly, it’s better to check the meaning of words so as not to insult someone. The same about the side of culture and religion. If you want to publish adverts in countries where Islam is widespread, then do not pick pictures of naked women.

Even working on the best nutra affiliate networks can’t help if you ignore the specifics of your target audience. So look before you leap.

The volume of the text depends on the offer.

We are sure you know it is not enough to describe the product you advertise. Show the main benefits which a potential customer can get if he or she makes a purchase. The length of the text should depend on the product. For example, there is no need to create long detailed texts for adult offers. Such creatives attract attention with visualization mostly and it is unlikely your potential customers would like to see plenty of letters. Long descriptions, on the contrary, can work very effectively for advertising campaigns of medicine. For example, if you advertise knee pain remedies then it would be effective to give as much information as you can. Potential customers would like to observe more information and get some confirmation before buying. Tell your target audience what kind of diagnosis can be cured. Show the medical license if you can. Also, you can confirm the potential customers with the authoritative opinion of doctors.

Do not use famous names.

Be careful trying to advertise nutra offers using celebrities' pictures. You never know how your target audience can react to your creatives this way. Your potential customers can take it negatively and make a complaint about your advertising campaigns.

Choose naturality. 

This advice is about behaviorism as well. People always feel the lie so it is better not to try to reach perfection. Give the preference to native advertising. For example, you can tell the stories of other people who bought the product and got results. Try to take more natural pictures. You can also show the problem customers had before and tell how they tried to solve this trouble.

When you tell the story the main task is to answer all potential questions of your target audience. Your potential customer should recognize himself or herself in the story and feel the product can help him or her as well.

As you can see there are plenty of important details which can influence the final results. We hope our recommendations will be useful for you and now you can understand more clearly what you should pay attention to. We also share with you the best nutra affiliate networks to simplify your work as much as possible. Let’s go ahead!

The best nutra affiliate networks

Your journey in Nutra starts with an affiliate network. We recommend working only with reliable partners, such as these:

  • Everad
  • Aff1
  • Lucky
  • ClickDealer
  • Webvork
  • AdCombo
  • LeadBit

Some networks have exclusive nutra offers, and some resell. Anyway, they provide stable and well-tried offers that will cover the demand of customers around the world.

Nutra pricing models

There are special CPA-based pricing models for Nutra offers.

Cash on Delivery (CoD)
This model is more popular in Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries, where online payment is not very common: the call center of the affiliate program calls the buyer, and he confirms the order and pays for it upon receipt. Then you get your margin.

The user orders a sample of the product (without payment). If the user likes it, then he transfers money and receives this product through a monthly subscription. The affiliate marketer receives money for each successful purchase of a product. Choosing such a payment model, there is a risk that the lead will not convert into a client.

Straight sale (SS)
The user pays for the product online. You receive your margin immediately after the customer pays for the goods without waiting for delivery and trial time.

Recently, trials and direct sales have become the most popular models. Since online shopping is becoming more common and the customer's journey is short.

For a marketer, this is the most comprehensible model. There are no calls, waiting for trial time, and payment for the goods upon receipt at the post office. However, the choice of a payment model should be based on your experience. Test different approaches to find the most suitable.

Best Ad formats for Nutra offers

The choice of an advertising format is directly related to the approach to promoting the offer. Here's our pick of the best Nutra ad formats.

WebPush / In-Page Push
Push notifications are perfect for the nutra vertical because they deliver ads in a friendly way. Users will be interested in the offer if you made the right creative, especially if the message is shown at a convenient time.
Target iOS users with In-Page push notifications

Native / Banner Ads
Display ads also perform well. Pay for clicks only from engaging users without triggering any negative emotions. You can use Gif-animation in native and banner ads. This is a highly visual way to show users the benefits of the product. That said, note that your ads always need to be in context if you want them to have the right effect.
GIF animation will help visualize your product and grab the user’s attention.

Popunder (Onclick)
Popunder is a highly effective ad format. We have both adult and mainstream categories. It’s convenient for testing new GEOs and does not require creatives. You only need a good pre-landing page. Let's go over the details.
Want to get leads at the targeted price you set? Try CPA Goal to feel the power of our auto-optimization tool!

Tips for Pre-Landing pages

Pre-landing is a web page designed to warm up the user. Instead of directly selling a product, show a 'real case' of a person that managed to succeed using the product you promote. It contains detailed information about the product, customer reviews, an expert opinion of a doctor, etc. The purpose of this page is to encourage users to buy. After that, the user goes to the landing page with the offer to buy it.

In short, pre-landers should serve as a preview of the landing page, explaining to users what they can expect if they click on a button.

landing page nutra offer flow example

There is no recipe for a perfect (pre) landing page. The audience of a nutra offer, a marketer, and advertising campaigns are unique. A landing page that generates leads can only be found through testing. Before launching a campaign, pay attention to the following details:

Visualization. The best way to present a product is through a video. At the very least, you need a high-quality product image. Graphic elements and CTA buttons are very important. Without them, the conversion will be close to zero.
Loading time. Site load time is crucial. Website loading time over 2 seconds will reduce the number of conversions by 50%. Visitors will simply close the tab without waiting for the download.
Functionality. Make sure all buttons, tabs, forms, and other elements work and display correctly, including mobile devices.

nutra affiliate offer landing page adult

Include a compelling call to action. For instance, a limited-time discount offer is a great way to drive sales.
The use of photos of doctors or celebrities may be prohibited by the advertiser. Check this question in the affiliate network.

Tips for running Nutra offers with traffic in ClickAdilla

#1 Best performed nutra offers
Athletic performance, testosterone booster pills, male enhancement creams, and sexual health products show the best performance with adult traffic.
CBD, Home workout equipment, weight loss, and food supplements are better to run with mainstream traffic.
Anti-aging wrinkle creams, women's body lotions, and moisturizers wouldn’t work because of the low female audience percentage.

#2 GEOs
Better to start in less competitive GEOs. You can find traffic volume and prices with Traffic Chart. If you managed to find this, you would get many leads at a low bid.

#3 Adult or Mainstream
You can choose Adult or one of the Mainstream categories for advertising. It is available in all the ad formats except for the In-App advertising (we do not accept adult creatives there). Note that we allow using images and (pre) landing pages with adult content.

#4 Devices
Don't put everything together. Create separate campaigns for mobile and desktop devices. Subsequently, it will be easier for you to analyze the effectiveness of each of them.

#5 Calendar limits
You can turn off ads on a specific day or hour. This can be very useful in case you have a call center in your flow. So it makes sense to show ads during the opening hours of the call center. Customers often buy products solely on emotion, which doesn’t last long. Therefore, it is necessary to contact customers as soon as possible to complete the deal.

#6 Bidding
To test new offers and new GEOs, set the bid slightly higher than the recommended one to collect data faster. Then you can move on to optimization and scaling. Pricebox tool will help you choose the most optimal bid.

#7 Nutra Affiliate marketing Case Studies
You don't have to learn from your own mistakes. Better copy an approach and take advantage of best practices used in our affiliate case studies.


Nutra affiliate marketing is an evergreen and versatile niche, including a wide range of subcategories: male boosters, weight loss pills, hormones, dietary supplements, workout equipment, etc.

Before launching an advertising campaign, it is better to check with the manager about the sites’ types. Since it depends on whether your product will be relevant to this audience. For example, on a site where the majority of the audience is men, advertising for body lotions and moisturizers will not succeed.

We gathered as much information as we could to make everything clear about nutra affiliate marketing. And we created a full guide explaining all steps of the work process. So we are sure even newcomers can manage it and get brilliant results. We wish you to join successful nutra advertisers who trust their advertising campaigns to our affiliate network.


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