Green Monday: get bonus and tips for the upcoming event


Get useful tips for advertising on Green Monday and take the bonus for maximizing performance

If you haven't managed to turn Black Friday and Cyber Monday into a gold mine, then don't worry! The Christmas season has already begun, and in addition, you can get a nice bonus for one more upcoming event:
– Why can't you miss this Monday, which is December 11, 2023?
– Which strategy should you choose?
– What advertising features should be taken into account?
All these questions have already been found in this article, and a nice bonus awaits you for the best performance!

What is Green Monday?

Green Monday is an event on the second Monday of December. The main idea of the event can perfectly engage the audience. Green Monday is considered the last chance to order goods so that orders can be delivered before Christmas comes. That is, this is literally the last chance to order gifts and receive them right before the holiday!

Key advertising strategy

There are people annually who forget or miss buying Christmas gifts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Therefore, the best way to advertise is retargeting. This is a great opportunity to open up your successful Black Friday campaign to re-driving traffic. Target users who clicked on your ad but did not interact. You can use this strategy with different ideas:

Show your offer as the last chance to order a gift in time to receive it before Christmas comes. Use different marketing tools: discounts, promotional codes, countdown timers, etc. The main task is to show the urgency of deciding since the offer is limited.

You can also remind users of what they planned to do at the beginning of 2023. For example, many women desire to lose weight and achieve a perfect shape - remind them of this! Tell them that Green Monday is a great chance to purchase weight loss pills before 2023 ends. This may be an opportunity to start a great year because this is the first step towards life changes!

3 ideas for advertising

We offer you three advertising options that can please you with high conversions on Green Monday. Here they are:

1. Create a gift checklist. Choose green-colored products to make your list more themed. For example, you can search for referral programs and add only products with referral links to your checklist.

2. Use advertising formats that are suitable for flash sales - push notifications, in-page, and banners may be the best choice for this strategy. Use CTR phrase formulas to make your notifications more compelling for engagement.

3. Invite users to celebrate this small event by cooking something delicious. You can also use a green theme, such as offering users a simple recipe for pastry with green apples. Use the simplest recipes with your offer as the main ingredient (for example, unusual spices). The simpler the recipe, the more it depends on an unusual ingredient that you can advertise.

Where can you get more ideas?

You can combine different ideas to create a unique campaign and stand out in the advertising market. You can use our Black Friday and Cyber Monday ideas in another article on ClickAdilla’s blog. Advertising processes are similar enough these days that you can create new strategies based on our ideas.

Also, don’t forget about neural networks, because this is a great opportunity to quickly and easily generate attractive creatives that are perfect for the Green Monday event!

Bonus from ClickAdilla

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