Clickbait ads: use or avoid it?

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How to use clickbait ads? We offer you to figure out all the pros and cons by looking at the examples.

Clickbait ad is everywhere! Have you ever come across headlines that make you so curious to click and find out what's behind the link? If so, it was probably clickbait. The trend for clickbait ad has lasted for quite a long time, but should we continue to use clickbait nowadays?

To use or avoid - that is the main question that we will find out in this article. Let’s start!

Clickbait ads

Clickbait was at the top of its popularity as advertisers quickly realized that it was a great opportunity to attract the attention of users and increase the number of clicks. This is obvious because the title is intriguing and users want to find out all the information related to the bright and attractive title. Clickbait is based on touching the feelings of users, the purpose is to shock the audience or arouse irresistible curiosity. Therefore, clickbait ads are often confusing and do not provide an understanding of the main idea.

Examples of clickbait ads

Before we talk about the types of clickbait, we want to talk about the main rule: if you do decide to use clickbait, do it carefully so the headline does not misinform users. A good way is to use rhetorical questions, for example, “Why have so many models recently started working on this webcam site?” And if you use headlines like these, be sure to explain the body copy so that users don't feel deceived.

So what are the types?

Hiding is one of the most popular tricks. Typically, such headlines show some event or news, but the details are unknown. In this case, the audience clicks on the ad to find out more details.
Examples: “This man used this product for a month, but he did not expect this result.”

Formation of expectation. When a user reads such a headline, he or she has certain expectations of what he or she will see if they click the link. For example, “An experienced marketer revealed the secret of how to earn over $100,000 a month.” In this case, users can expect a certain strategy that works without errors. However, when they click on the link, they can see the advertiser’s case study with personal experience.

Quotes taken from context. In this case, the advertiser takes a certain quote that does not convey the meaning of the ads. Because this quote can be completely incomprehensible without full context. For example, an advertiser wants to advertise Nutra vertical, so he or she finds customer reviews and takes a suitable phrase, like “the doctor was shocked - I just tried it...”.

Challenge. You probably often see this method in gaming ad. For example, “only users with 150 IQ or more can complete this game.” Users are actually willing to download the app because they like to be convinced of their abilities.

Exaggeration. As a rule, the title describes some events very vaguely. For example, “the webcam model told she will never return to THIS work again.” Users may think that an unpleasant situation occurred during a live stream on a webcam platform, but the model wanted to say that the webcam gave her a stable income and she does not plan to return to her previous job. In any case, the user is curious and clicks on the ad to find out more.

Features of clickbait ad

Despite getting block on some platforms, clickbait remains an excellent tool that can become a powerful weapon in the hands of an experienced advertiser.

Let's highlight the main benefits of why we think clickbait ad is a great marketing tool:

  • you can effectively attract users' attention
  • ability to increase the number of clicks
  • the ability to increase conversions if you follow the rules for using clickbait

To fully understand the issue, we propose to deal with the disadvantages. Yeah, clickbait is definitely a cool sales tool, but there are some caveats.

If you use clickbait advertising incorrectly, you may damage the reputation of the product or service. Therefore, you risk losing customers who would have agreed to buy the product if they had not seen aggressive clickbait and lost trust in the ads. Therefore, if you decide to use a clickbait ad, then the title should suit the content of the article. If you use aggressive clickbait then you risk facing a block as well.

Features of clickbait in affiliate marketing

The most important rule in setting up such a campaign is to specify precise targeting. The fact is that clickbait ads may interest not only your target audience, so you risk wasting your budget on non-target users.

But it is impossible to guess the accurate settings. Be prepared for personal attempts and errors to find the best strategy. You can also read ClickAdilla’s client cases to find new ideas for advertising experiments.

What to replace clickbait with

If you are not yet confident in your skills to write the right clickbait headline without violating user expectations, then we suggest using another ad tool. We're talking about teasers. Teasers can be used in ads of many verticals. Let's look at this tool using a webcam to bring some examples:

Do not use photos of completely naked women. Try using photos with less nudity. This tip can give excellent conversions, but not in all GEOs. Therefore, be sure to test and optimize if it is necessary.

You can also try to create the feeling of a real message from the model on the image. Add a caption saying that the girl in the photo wants to chat right now (or meet if it’s a dating vertical). This works especially well with push notifications.

ClickAdilla team’s opinion on clickbait ads

Clickbait is a great tool in the advertising industry in 2023. However we noticed that users quickly get used to many headlines and begin to ignore them. So we definitely recommend trying out clickbait, but it's important to keep an eye on trends and be willing to experiment with headlines.

Create multiple creatives and optimize them to find the ones that work best. Don't try to create overly aggressive clickbait with misinformation. And then success will be by your side!

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