The best affiliate marketing programs for beginners

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Looking for the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners? Find out the top of the most profitable niches with an easy start

Searching for the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners? ClickAdilla is here to continue helping new advertisers find the best strategies to master affiliate marketing.

The best affiliate marketing programs

We propose to highlight several factors that the best programs for beginners should have. This will help you understand even better what we will talk about in this article. So, the best affiliate marketing programs are: 
- ease of setting up an advertising campaign 
- ease of reaching the target audience 
- stability of products and services on the market 
These are three main keys that are the foundation for calling affiliate marketing programs the best for beginners. Now we definitely understand each other, so it's time to start our research!

High marketing stability

We propose to divide affiliate marketing programs into two categories: mainstream and adult. As you know, ClickAdilla allows you to advertise in both types of niches, but especially in the adult industry. We had the opportunity to compare, so we can safely say that adult verticals are one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

Why exactly are +18 niches for beginners?

1. Adult affiliate marketing programs do not depend on external factors. This is why you can advertise them consistently without fear of losing your advertising investment. For example, the coronavirus period has perfectly proven the high demand for adult products and services - the period of self-isolation has not reduced the popularity of these offers.

2. Adult affiliate marketing programs do not depend on seasonality. The fact is that many beginners try different affiliate marketing programs, so they have little experience in different niches. It’s good to try this at the start of mastering digital advertising, but it is important to choose a specific niche that the advertiser understands and is ready to continue mastering. The best thing is to be a professional in a certain industry because this is your ability to adapt to advertising in any environment. Adult offers are great for beginners in this case. Demand for mainstream offers fluctuates, so you need to be more flexible in your advertising. For example, you can advertise certain products and services that are only suitable during the warmer months. In this case, you need to look for other niches to advertise in winter. Yeah, mainstream niches can bring in excellent earnings, but only if you have enough experience and skills in affiliate marketing.

3. Products and services of affiliate marketing programs can be of interest to a wide range of audiences. You can advertise offers to both genders and all adults of all ages. You can also experiment with different locations due to the high popularity. For example, you may notice that a certain mainstream niche may be popular only in a few countries or even only one. But you don’t face such difficulty if you advertise adult offers: you choose a niche and can explore the features of its advertising in different GEOs. Therefore, this is another important advantage for beginners.

4. Adult advertising does not require a lot of knowledge from beginners. You can experiment with different advertising formats because adult offers are quite adaptive. You also don't need to have a lot of experience or knowledge in targeting. As you know, targeting is the real science of understanding your potential customers to motivate them to interact with an advertisement. However, some advertising formats do not require detailed target settings from you to achieve good results.

We have told you the main nuances, which is why our team believes that the adult affiliate marketing programs are your ticket to successfully mastering advertising with the least possible mistakes.

Advertising formats for the best affiliate marketing programs

As you know, digital marketing is constantly evolving, so you may notice that the user experience is constantly changing. This is why our team believes that the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners are those ones that can be used with any advertising format.

We don't know what format you chose to start with, but we do know that adult verticals allow beginners to experiment with different types of advertising. The high popularity of offers allows you not to lose conversions, and conducting test campaigns only helps you achieve good results.

Target for the best affiliate marketing programs

As we said earlier, adult verticals are suitable for a wide audience. This means that it is much easier for you to identify your target users. We will give you a little hint - as a rule, the target audience is several different types of users who may be interested in the product or service.

If you decide to advertise a mainstream affiliate marketing program, then be prepared for the fact that the offers may only be suitable for a narrow audience. This means that you need to have certain knowledge and experience to be able to obtain high performance.

It's also worth noting that granular targeting may not be very cheap. Therefore, mainstream offers are not the best choice for beginners to master digital advertising.

Adult niches can be much more attractive for advertising since traffic can cost much less. This is why it is the best choice for beginners as you can start learning affiliate marketing on a small budget.

ClickAdilla's opinion

We've provided some of the main reasons why we think adult verticals are the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners. Now we offer you a small selection of the best programs for beginners so that you can get off to the best possible start.

As you know, ClickAdilla offers high-quality traffic from reputable sources, especially the adult category. Our team also strives to provide maximum support to our experienced clients and our beginners to help them achieve high conversions and clicks at the best prices.

That is why we can say that ClickAdilla has already accumulated enough experience to highlight the most effective affiliate marketing programs for beginners. Don't forget that you can always read many case studies of our clients to find useful tips and advertising strategies. And we move on to finding your ticket to success - the TOP best affiliate marketing programs from ClickAdilla!


If you read ClickAdilla’s articles, then you probably know that we always recommend a dating vertical for a successful start for beginners. That's why we start our selection with dating affiliate advertising.

We can divide dating into two categories: 
- Mainstream is dating sites and applications that are created for people who want to find a long-term partner or start a family. 
- Casual – these are sites and applications that offer users to find one-night stands.

As a rule, beginners choose to start advertising with mainstream dating, but ClickAdilla recommends not ignoring casual offers either. The point is that mainstream dating advertising can be quite popular among advertisers, so be prepared to experiment with campaign optimization to stay competitive. If you choose mainstream dating for a start, then we can recommend that you use spy services. This is a great opportunity to track your competitors' creatives and improve your own.

Casual dating is suitable for a wide audience, so it is also one of the best choices for beginners.

If you have already tried advertising dating affiliate marketing programs to reach a wide audience, then you can try to explore targeting with this adult vertical. Try looking for offers for a narrow audience, for example dating for mature users or LGBT dating. This will help you improve your skills in identifying the target user, and you will also be able to advertise offers with low competition.


Webcams are online platforms where users can chat with a webcam model via live streaming.

You can advertise webcam affiliate marketing programs for different types of target audiences:

1. Attract new users. This is the most common advertising in the webcam vertical. You can attract users and receive payments for their sign up and payments. Moreover, many platforms offer referral programs, so you can receive payments for users' spending if they sign up using your referral link.

2. Look for new webcam models. You can also promote webcam platforms as an opportunity to make money. To do this, you will need to show all the main advantages that the platform offers to models.

Actually, the webcam vertical is quite multifaceted, so you can try different advertising strategies: 
- Try advertising a specific webcam model. Some models offer their referral links, so you can receive a percentage of the model's income if users register through your link. 
- Don't forget that tastes differ. Try advertising male models to attract a narrower audience. This is also a great opportunity to avoid high competition.

You can advertise adult programs using this principle in the same way (for example, porn sites).


Well, who doesn't love freebies? As you might guess, this is another great program for beginners. Just try to choose a sweepstake offer that is created specifically for some event or holiday.

One of the main features that we can say is the ability to get cheap traffic. As you can imagine, many users are ready to sign up or share their contact information to be able to take part in the test of their fortune for free.

Gambling and betting

These are two more great affiliate marketing programs for beginners. You can change your advertising strategies to attract different types of target audience, for example:

- Try to show simple strategies. This will allow you to attract those users who are confident in the existence of a formula for success or who like to test different ideas in practice. They will probably want to check out the proposed strategy, so you will get conversions. 
- Or you can involve experienced users. If the user is already familiar with gambling or betting, this does not mean that you cannot motivate him or her to take a targeted action. Just show the advantages of the platform, such as a convenient interface, low deposit, etc.

Experiment with creatives and you will be able to attract different types of target audience.


Nutra is an advertisement for various medical drugs, for example: enlargers, weight loss pills, etc.

People always want to feel attractive, so they are willing to try different ways to maintain their beauty. This is why Nutra is also one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

You can try different ad formats, but we recommend making your ads more native. Your target audience will likely want to know more information before purchasing a product, so you can use a lot of evidence of benefits: 
- expert opinion of doctors 
- licenses confirming the safety of the product 
- reviews from other users who have already used the product and received results


This was a small top of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners. Of course, you can find many good programs that offer excellent earning opportunities.

But if you are looking for stability and high payments, then adult programs can be one of the best choices. Don't forget that +18 affiliate marketing programs are suitable not only for beginners but also for experienced advertisers.

If you have already decided on a niche to start with, then you can find a lot of useful information about setting up a campaign and advertising formats on ClickAdilla’s blog. Also, feel free to ask questions to your account manager at ClickAdilla to get an expert opinion on your campaigns and find more ways to improve your performance.

Join ClickAdilla if you are looking for high-quality traffic for all adult verticals in one place!


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