The Future of Affiliate Marketing in 2024

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Everything that helped reach excellent ROI growth in 2023 to filter out outdated strategies

There are the last days left before the new year comes. What does it mean? Affiliate marketing has received new changes and shapes in 2023, so it’s time to take stock! In this article, we invite you to remember everything that helped reach excellent ROI growth this year. This is an opportunity to filter out outdated strategies so that you can start 2024 with ad ideas that convert!

Let's not slow down and run straight into the issue!


User experience is the first thing to start. This factor changes every year as users learn to ignore ads. The advertising industry offers a wide variety of formats and the audience is accustomed to the fact that adverts can be waiting around every corner. Therefore, native advertising has turned into a growing trend, and 2023 has straightened this.

This doesn't mean it's time to say goodbye to some ad formats. You can continue to choose any format that brings you conversions, but we recommend paying attention to native strategies.

For example:

1. Checklists show excellent effectiveness in the ad market. Nowadays, the information flow is aimed at saving users time, so ready-made solutions are in great demand. You can make different checklists, for example, ready-made gift ideas or must-have products for gardening, or maybe top products for rejuvenation. Pre-landing pages are great for this strategy because you can create a list with links to offer landing pages. This is also a good strategy for generating passive income by using referral programs for each product on your checklist.

2. Useful information. You can choose any strategy for sharing useful information, such as research, instructions, recommendations, and infographics. For example, if you drive traffic to Nutra vertical, then share the opinions of famous doctors and statisticians.

3. Life hacks. This trend has been going on for several years and its popularity is not decreasing. This is not surprising, because products that make routine and various processes easier are in demand. For example, you can share strategies in your gambling creatives.

4. Memes. Are you an expert in social media trends? Use this in advertising! This strategy is less popular than the previous ones, but if you know how to work with it, you can engage your audience and motivate users to share your offer with others. This is an opportunity to increase your traffic by getting a free one.

5. Recommendation. If you have the opportunity, then advertise as an ordinary user and not as a commerce. Time passes and the audience gets used to marketing gimmicks, realizing that commercial advertising can be exaggerated in its benefits due to the sales goal. A user’s recommendation format looks the most native, so try this strategy. You can also share reviews from people to build trust in your ad.


Targeting has also acquired some trends that are important to mention. 2022 began the development of personalization, and this has strengthened in 2023. If you want to keep up with the times, then keep in mind that 2024 will continue to develop and expand this trend.

Segment your audience according to several criteria: gender, age, interests, social groups, etc. Show your offer to each audience separately. Target is not the only thing that helps you achieve personalization - use this trend in making creatives. For example, imagine that you advertise a robot vacuum cleaner. Who might be the target users? Mothers of babies and toddlers, pet owners and those who work a lot and do not have time for household chores. Each of these segments has its own problems that your offer can solve, so the main task is to make users recognize themselves in your advertising.


You probably already guessed what the main trend of 2023 in creatives is! The neural network trend appeared in 2023 and many people did not take artificial intelligence too seriously. But the time for fun has passed and now AI has become an excellent assistant in many professional areas. Of course, neural networks have not bypassed affiliate marketing. So how can you use AI? You can generate:
– images
– elements for self-editing pictures
– unique designs
– videos
– animations
– realistic voice overs
– subtitles
– facial expressions
– high-quality translations into any languages

Many companies are integrating AI into their commercial projects to improve the quality of their services and keep up with the times.

Therefore, there are even more opportunities, and much less labor costs. This trend will definitely move into 2024 and will continue its strong development.


Time-tested popunders and push notifications provide excellent returns for affiliate marketers who are looking for new strategies and tailoring to the user experience.

But we also recommend trying other formats that can seamlessly integrate into the overall content of traffic sources as in-page does. In-page skins make advertising more adaptive for a specific vertical: gambling, betting, dating, and utilities (as well as mainstream offers). The flexibility of the format lies in the fact that the appearance of the creative and the location of the advertisement can change.

It is also important to note the rapid growth of video content. Video is becoming one of the easiest and fastest ways to convey information, so your audience is more likely to pay attention to your offer. 2024 is the right time to experiment with In-Stream, Out-Stream and Video Slider.

All of the listed formats are already waiting for you in ClickAdilla, and our managers are ready to support you at any stage of creating a campaign.


Without a doubt, Tier 1 remains the most desirable countries for advertising due to high profits – the UK, Germany, Canada, USA, and France are the undisputed leaders on the list.

Tier 1 is not the only source of good profit next year:

The Indian middle class is expanding and the number of Internet users is increasing significantly. Indian locations are suitable for advertising various niches due to the different levels of development of the states, although dating and nutra are in the top rankings still. This makes India a flexible and attractive market for affiliates.

The percentage of solvent citizens is truly high, so Japan is a real goldmine for advertising dating and adult games. Well-thought-out strategies can provide excellent ROI which is why we recommend learning more in our case study.

This is a relatively new market in the advertising industry, but Indonesians' interest in online shopping explains the excellent CTR. We recommend targeting a young audience and setting up local targeting. The main feature of the demographics is that Indonesians prefer to compare prices and look for better deals.


2023 has brought quite a few positive trends in affiliate marketing that help generate good CTR and ROI. We are sure that 2024 will strengthen these trends and continue their active development.

We wish you the best profits this Christmas! Don't forget that ClickAdilla is always at your service to provide the highest traffic quality from reputable sources!



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