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SmartLink helps us to reach the results without spending time on creatives and precise targeting settings. Read how may smartlinks increase your revenue and get hot offers from our partners!

Every affiliate marketer wonders, how to make more money spending less time?

The answer is affiliate smartlink.

In today’s topic we will find the answer for this question, moreover, we will find several ways depending on the vertical and applicable for every marketer.

▶ What is Affiliate Smartlink
▶ You need a SmartLink if:
▶ Smartlink Creation

What is Affiliate Smartlink

Smartlink is a unique tool which makes your life easier - it shows your users the offers which they will more likely react to. The mechanics of the tool takes into consideration several data simultaneously, including the device type of the user, GEO, vertical and others. It takes into account top converting offers in your vertical which increases your chances for success: Once your smartlink is placed on the website - it will take users to different creatives and landing pages with CTR higher than the average. Thus, with a main goal of maximizing the conversions, smartlink is designed to get them without spending time on multiple campaigns.

You need a SmartLink if:

  • You are just starting with affiliate marketing (no need to do split testing: best offers are shown automatically to your TA);
  • You are not sure about your segments (choose popunder or push notifications - they work good with smartlink offers);
  • You do not want to invest big budgets at the moment (Especially with aforementioned ad formats).

Smartlink Creation

Generally, the process of Smartlinks creation is similar in all CPA networks, here is a brief step-by-step instruction of how it looks:

  • Once you enter a dashboard on a CPA network - you may grab a smartlink which then can be set up for your preferences;
  • Once you started setting up, you may select a vertical among those offered by a CPA network you work with;
  • Afterwards, you may choose ad formats that will be rotated for your target audience;
  • Come to ClickAdilla and start advertising with smartlink (ClickAdilla has 13 Ad formats)

You may go through the whole process in just 5 minutes reading a smartlinks case study 👇

image 1

While considering the campaigns where the main goal is conversions - we are interested in showing the right offers to the right people. SmartLink helps us to reach the results without spending time on creatives and precise targeting settings. Consequently, we recommend you to choose smartlinks not only as a main campaign activity, but also adjust them to other campaigns you run to increase your earning potential.

  • Grab a smartlink from our partners;
  • Come to ClickAdilla;
  • Increase your earning potential!


Our partners ZeyDoo CPA Network gave some details on a few best-performing slices of OS + GEO:

  • Android (BR, IN, VN, RU, NG, MX, FR, CZ, AU, US);
  • iOS (US, GB, DE, EG, IN, IL, CO, JP, SG, CL);
  • Windows (US, DE, FR, AT, JP, PE, PL, DK);
  • Mac OS (CA, US, VN, IT, DE, FR, ES, ID, BR, JP, UA, GB).

*find much more in your personal ZeyDoo account.

Why should you try ZeyDoo’s smartlink?

First of all, metrics: Smartlink allows you to ensure your rotation gets the best campaigns based on numerous metrics, including CR and EPC. Further there’re really fast results: 2-3 days with at least 50K impressions on a chosen slice and the algorithm is boosted in the most efficient way.

And of course you should pay attention to the optimization: smartlink algorithm works to make your performance better and better.

Feel free to find more info in the following article by the ZeyDoo team.


Meet our new Dating Smartlink partner - AffSub2 CPA network - a team of experienced marketers who have created their own smartlinks.

In the admin panel you can also find classic dating leadgen offers, if you are interested.

But now let's take a closer look at AffSub2’s smartlinks.

They have the following types of WW smartlinks with SOI, DOI, and Pay Per Sale pricing models:

  • Adult
  • Mainstream
  • Cam
  • Gay (english-speaking countries and EU)

Below there are few EPC statistics on the most profitable geos:

  • US - $0.21
  • UK - $0.3
  • CA - $0.46
  • ES - $0.48
  • IT - $0.19

What should you know about AffSub2’s Smartlink?

1) Individual approach - before you start running a smartlink, managers make personal settings appropriately to your traffic type and desirable epc, and throughout the process they monitor statistics and make adjustments to achieve the best results.

2) Tracker - is a special tracking platform with AI Traffic Distribution that filters and redirects traffic according to more than 16 parameters for precise targeting, offer splitting, monitors statistics and determines the most profitable combinations of offers and landing pages.

3) Flexibility - they offer various ways of withdrawing funds on a weekly basis via Wire, Paxum, TRC 20, PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, etc. The minimum payout is $80 without a commission fee.

Earn more with AffSub2!

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