Top-10 ready-made ideas for monetizing your Christmas ads

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Find out 10 ready-made ideas for Christmas & New Year advertising, to start making money now!

Black Friday is over and many advertisers made incredible profits on the main day of discounts and promotions. But wait, it’s too early to relax – Christmas and New Year are coming soon! Let's start preparing for Christmas advertising in advance to repeat the success and say goodbye to 2023 with excellent earnings!

Features of Christmas advertising

Christmas advertising differs from conventional advertising strategies not only in its theme but also in its special mood and approach. Let's dive into a few Christmas features and find out how you can use them to boost your conversions!

ClickAdilla’s tip: if you want to make your campaign unique and stand out from your competitors, we recommend that you combine the listed strategies.

Maintain a festive atmosphere

Perhaps Christmas is one of the most magical days of the year. This is actively used in affiliate marketing. You may recognize Christmas creatives easily: bright colors and Christmas decorations help make your ad stand out and immediately show users that your offer is for the holiday.

How to use the idea?
Choose high-quality images with a minimum of elements. Don't try to add every Christmas symbol you know. It's better to choose 1-2 main elements for your creative. If you use too many elements, the visual looks too cluttered, which means users' attention is scattered.
This recommendation is especially important for small advertising formats, such as push notifications and some banners (for example, 160x600, 300x100, and 300x250). If your advertisement is small, then choose simple, minimalistic elements that are easy to see.

Use neural networks to create holiday creatives. This will help you make your ad more eye-catching. Try making several creatives and conducting A/B tests to find the one that converts best.
You can also add Christmas emojis to make your ads more attractive.

Assist during the season of giving

Despite the magical mood, the Christmas holidays bring the annual routine of searching for gifts. Advertisers know this, so they strive to offer ready-made solutions as gift ideas. These advertisements can include a variety of strategies so you can add creativity and originality. Here are some examples of how to use the idea:
1. Advertise offers as a good gift idea for a friend, significant other, parents, etc.
2. Use referral programs to promote multiple products at once. For example, you can create a checklist with gift ideas. Just don't forget to add your referral links!
3. Show the uniqueness of your offer using the example of your competitors.

Use spy tools to analyze your competitors' advertising strategies. This will help you find the latest ideas and personalize them for your advertising. You can also find top offers in CPA networks because many platforms provide their lists of hot products and services.

Discounts as a chance to try again

New Year's sales and discounts have long become a real tradition. You can choose offers from any niche because discounts apply to all verticals:
1. Discounts on the purchase of products and services.
2. Possibility to purchase paid subscriptions cheaper.
3. Bonuses for making deposits (for example, gambling and betting).

How to use the idea?
Discounts give you an incredible chance to experience the power of retargeting. If you've been wanting to master this marketing tool, now is the time. You can reach those users who were interested in your offer, but the benefits were not convincing enough for them to want to try. If you launched a successful campaign before, you can reach even more audiences with retargeting. Show users discounts to motivate them to take a targeted action.

You can find many options for advertising New Year's bonuses. For example, you can return those users who deleted an application. Special conditions are always a great chance to expand your audience, in addition to attracting those who are already familiar with the brand.

No loneliness

Many people celebrate Christmas with their family, but New Year's is usually a celebration among friends and significant others. You can advertise on dating sites and apps asking users to find someone to celebrate with.

How to use the idea?
Launch your campaign early so that users have time to find their soulmate. If you start advertising dating 1-2 days in advance, you will see poor results. Launch your campaign in 7-10 days.

Combine this idea with discounts. For example, you can advertise a dating offer to an audience that is already familiar with it. Inform that a paid subscription will help increase the chances of success in finding a soul mate.

Ideas for driving adult traffic

We have provided you with fresh advertising ideas. But can these ideas be adapted for adult verticals? Of course yes! Get creative and you will see that these ideas can generate dozens of strategies.

Do you want more ready-made solutions for adult ads? ClickAdilla’s team has a lot of experience in driving adult traffic, so we have some fresh ideas for your monetization!

Dating, webcam, and adult

Christmas is associated with the holiday symbolism, so do not ignore it. Use neural networks to create images of attractive girls in Christmas costumes.

Do not forget that tastes differ so you may create pictures of male models as well. This may assist you in reaching a more narrow audience with lower competition. 

Gambling, betting, and Nutra

Many people prefer to take stock at the end of the year. Someone wanted to earn more money, someone planned to lose weight, etc. Use it! Remind users of their plans at the start of 2023! Invite your audience to make money on simple gambling strategies or profit from their love of sports with betting.

You can also advertise Nutra offers. People want to start a new year better, so give them the opportunity. Women will probably want to purchase weight loss pills to have time to lose weight and wear their favorite dress for the celebration.


You can advertise paid subscriptions for adult games at a big discount. If you have enough experience in creating video ads, then you can demonstrate the game process. Show users how easy it is to complete complicated levels with boosters of subscriptions.

You may also advertise paid subscriptions for VPN apps or antivirus software. For example, you can offer users to purchase a subscription for the entire next year at a big discount. This strategy is suitable for advertising to an audience that is already familiar with the offer and uses the application.


Don't put off preparing for Christmas and New Year, because now is the best time to start driving traffic! We have provided you with strategies that are suitable for long-term campaigns and quick advertising. Look for your recipe for success now to get the most out of 2023!

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