What is Frequency Capping?

Frequency Capping

Targeting is a key to success and the frequency capping is one of the important settings. Learn how to save money and increase ROI by setting up the right frequency cap for your ad campaign.

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What is frequency capping?
How to set up frequency capping?
Advantages of frequency capping

When creating an ad campaign, advertisers are faced with several challenges. Selecting ad format, targeting settings is quite a complex process, especially for newcomers. We have about 10 targeting settings excluding setting limits and calendar. In this article I would like to consider in more detail the Frequency capping feature.

Imagine that you are browsing the site and see the same ad over and over again. I bet you have experienced this. Instead of evoking positive emotions, the repeated ad is just annoying. Therefore, ad networks have made a feature that is designed to deal with such overexposure.

What is frequency capping?

This feature allows you to adjust the number of times a unique user will be shown your ad within a set period of time. In other words, this setting allows you to reach more unique users within the allocated budget. Frequency capping is a win-win for advertisers and users.

Frequency capping is available for 5 ad formats:

⚫ Video

⚫ Banner

⚫ Native

⚫ Popunder

⚫ Full-Page Interstitial

How to set up frequency capping?

You can find this section while creating your ad campaign. Specify the number of times and minutes during which one visitor will see your ad.


The optimal ad frequency is 2 exposures for the length of the campaign.

Usually advertisers set up 1440 minutes (2 days). Less ad serving can reduce conversion rates and you’ll reach fewer people overall. By setting too frequent ad display times, you will only burn money.

Brands that have just entered the market can increase frequency cap up to 4 times per day. This way they’ll maximize brand exposure, and viewers won’t get sick of it.

💡 Advertising tip

Divide your ad campaign and ad creatives into 3 parts:

1. Identify customer pain points to show how your product can solve them.
2. Tell customers more about your product.
3. Offer a limited discount.

Advantages of frequency capping

✅ Prevent ad blindness

Everyone knows what banner blindness is. So this applies to all types of ad formats, but to a lesser extent to video pre-rolls. So to prevent ad fatigue advertisers should change ad creatives. Proven fact that fresh content leads to higher users’ engagement. Ultimately, click-through-rate of new ad creatives is always higher

✅ Reach more unique users

By setting the number of impressions to 2 per day or less, you can spend the "freed up" money on new users. This way you can reach more unique viewers for the same ad budget.

✅ Increase ROI

A large number of impressions of one website, banner or video to one user will hardly lead to success. As a result, the return on advertising investment will decrease. Limiting the number of times your ads will be shown, you’ll save your budget and increase ROI.

A properly configured advertising campaign is half the battle. In our blog you can find advertising tips,affiliate case studies and a bunch of articles related to digital marketing.

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