How to drive traffic to dating vertical successfully

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Traffic to dating is one of the most profitable ways of advertising. Find out how to manage dating niche even being a newcomer.

Let’s explore traffic to dating to start making money in this profitable niche!

Our team welcomes you! You probably managed to understand the issue of profitable verticals for buying traffic, which is why you came across this article. Or if you are simply looking for new profitable offers, then stay with us and find out one of the most profitable modern niches - dating!

Traffic to dating

As we have already said, vertical dating is one of the most unsinkable niches on the market. We are confident that this industry will not reduce its effectiveness because the offers are suitable for a wide audience. Both men and women of all ages want to find a partner or just have a good time on a free evening, so even a novice marketer can drive traffic to dating.

Offer types of dating vertical

There are two main categories of the dating industry:

Mainstream dating is ordinary acquaintances. The offers are attractive for users who would like to find a permanent partner for the long term or to start a family.

Casual dating are offers that are created specifically for those users who do not want to look for a long-term relationship but do not mind finding someone to spend a pleasant evening together.

Offers for novice advertisers

If you are just starting your adventure into the world of the advertising industry, then you should not beware of any dating offers. We can only add that each offer requires an understanding of the target audience to set the targeting as accurately as possible. But yeah, we can add that every offer has its features.

Mainstream offers are quite popular, so you may face high competition. You can analyze competitors' landing pages using spy services to determine your advertising strategy.

The adult dating niche provides a variety of offers. You can advertise “one night stand” offers, or you can launch a campaign for a narrower audience - for example, LGBT dating or dating with age restrictions.

Tier level for dating vertical

Many advertisers strive to drive traffic to Tier-1 due to high payouts. We understand your desire to earn as much as possible in affiliate marketing, but we want to tell you something. The fact is that competition in Tier-1 countries is quite high, so it is better to advertise in these countries when you have enough experience and can maintain competitiveness.

You may find that Tier-2 and Tier-3 are capable of generating the same high income. These countries have lower competition, so your advertising may be of interest to more people than in Tier-1. Therefore, despite the high payouts in Tier-1, other Tier levels can please you with a large volume of interested audience and number of conversions.

Try advertising in different GEOs to find the most converting strategy.

Which payment model to choose

You can find different payment models that are great for working with dating offers. Let's talk a little about them so that you can choose the most suitable offer and create an advertising strategy.

PPL DOI – the model involves payment for each user who left their contact information. For example, phone number or e-mail address. A key goal in this model is motivating users to validate communication methods.

PPL SOI is payment per lead. That is, payouts occur for each user who is interested in the offer but has not confirmed his or her contacts.

PPS is a more complex target action model, so it can be one of the most profitable. The marketer receives a reward if users make a purchase or agree to a paid subscription.

Revshare can also be a fairly attractive payment model for advertisers, as it is an excellent opportunity to generate passive income. Revshare makes it possible to receive payment in the form of a percentage for each money spent by users through the marketer's link. 
Some advertisers believe that this model is not attractive enough because there is no guarantee that users will want to make a purchase. We can say that Revshare opens up great passive income opportunities because users can make purchases even after you have completed your advertising campaign!

If you are a newcomer, then the easiest model to start in the dating industry is SOI. Yes, the payouts may not be as high as other payment models offer, but you can get more conversions. As you gain experience in affiliate marketing, you will learn how to motivate users to make more complex targeted actions.

Ad formats for dating offers

The dating industry is quite versatile in its choice of advertising formats. You can experiment with different strategies to find the most profitable one. Let's talk about several advertising formats that are perfectly compatible with the dating vertical and are suitable for novice affiliates.

Push notifications

Push ads can show excellent effectiveness in dating advertising. The fact is that this advertising format is very similar to regular incoming message notifications. Web push consists of a headline, short text, and an image, so you can make your creatives look like real messages. This approach will help you make your advertising more native and create the feeling of an invitation to chat with a real model in the picture.


Popunders are one of the oldest formats, like push notifications, so this advertising is time-tested. When you visit the site, an additional window appears with an attractive selling landing page. Popunders are considered to be a fairly native advertising format because they do not irritate users and allow them to continue using the browser. When a person completes the desired action on the site, he or she can pay attention to the Popunder and learn more about the offer.

The main success of working with Popunders is a landing page that loads quickly. If the user wants to close the page before the landing page loads, then you still pay for the ad. You can make a landing page in any builder, but the main recommendation is not to try to make a landing page that weighs a lot. A lot of interesting interactions and animations can hurt fast loading speed.


This is also one of the oldest advertising formats. User behavior is constantly changing about advertising, which is why such a phenomenon as banner blindness has appeared. You can read our article to find out how to avoid this difficulty and continue to get high performance from banner advertising.

You can experiment with banners. For example, you can add animation to better capture your audience's attention. Moreover, banners are great for advertising on various traffic sources (mobile and desktop, as well as applications).

In fact, you can adapt any advertising format to dating offers, so don’t limit yourself in choosing a strategy.

We hope that our article helped you learn more about dating and now you will start making money in this profitable niche. Don't forget that you can find a lot of useful recommendations on our blog and also ask your personal manager in ClickAdilla to get expert opinion.

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