Traffic ad bar review: tips to create a campaign

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The traffic ad bar review to help affiliates learn more about the format’s features. And here are useful tips to get conversions, of course!

Eager to find a traffic ad bar review in detail?

We welcome everyone reading this article with particular interest! It wouldn't surprise us if the advert that is called ad bar has already grabbed your ear. This is a brand-new ad format so you can grab maximum conversions due to a fact that it has positive user feedback. In this article, we propose to figure it out so that you understand exactly how to purchase a traffic ad bar!

What is a traffic ad bar?

An ad bar is an ads format that is placed on web-pages or mobile applications. You've probably faced it since such adverts look similar to a horizontal or vertical stripe, similar to a banner. You can usually see this advert format at the bottom, top, or sides of the screen of websites and apps. The main difference with advertising banners is that the ad bar is smaller in size, which makes it completely non-intrusive.

At the same time, these bright stripes attract the attention of users. Even though these are narrow and long strips of advertising, this format is harmoniously integrated into the overall design of the website or application.

Traffic is the audience that uses apps or opens websites and notices your adverts. In this article, we are doing a small traffic ad bar review, so we are talking exactly about those surfers to whom you plan to demonstrate this advert format.

How to get more traffic ad bar?

You can place ad bars in various locations on web-pages or apps. Try out it at the top, bottom, or sides of the source. We advise testing your advert and placing it in different places to choose the most suitable one. After testing, you can evaluate which location brings the best conversions and optimize your campaign.

Ad bar is used for various advertising strategies, but we especially recommend choosing it for news purposes. For example, you can advertise bonuses and company news. An ad bar can also be an astonishing solution as an additional creative to the main one to further increase brand awareness.

Traffic ad bar review

We suggest looking at some features of the traffic ad bar so that you understand whether you desire to work with this format:

How do the surfers feel about ad bars? A person is offered a simple interaction format, so the audience often clicks on the advertising creative. Users may be interested in clicking on an ad to learn more about the offer and going to a website to find out more information about the product or service.

Ad bar is a very native advertising format, as it was created specifically so as not to interfere with users studying the necessary information or working. You can compare the effectiveness of this format with popunders, which also allow the user to complete the action before viewing the offer. Native advertising does not irritate users, so they are more willing to explore your product or service, which means you can get even more conversions.

We can receive mobile traffic ad bar, as it is convenient for mobile devices. This advertising format is great for use in mobile applications and mobile versions of websites, as the campaign design is very compact.

What offers can be advertised via the ad bar? You can tailor different products and services. It is best to use this format for various news advertisements. For example, you can advertise free sweepstakes or inform the audience about gaming tournaments. Don't forget to inform about bonuses and promotions.

Tips for reaching maximum traffic ad bar

We hope that our traffic ad bar review turned out to be quite helpfull for you and that you now know that the format is worthy of your attention. Before you start trying the format, let us give you a few recommendations that will help you get as many conversions as possible:

Choose traffic sources that are in the same niche. For example, if you are advertising special bonuses about a webcam platform, then it is better to do this on adult sources (for example, webcams or porn sites).

CTA phrases are your key to successful performance. Don’t try to create too long phrases; it’s better to use call-to-action. For example: “participate in the New Year’s iPhone sweepstake for free”, “take part in the gaming championship”, “30% discount for the first deposit”, etc.

Your creative must fit harmoniously into the overall design of the site to get maximum conversions. We understand that you want your ads to be bright and noticeable, but some formats provide better visibility when combined with a traffic source. The combination with the design will make your ad bar more native, so users will be more willing to click on the creative.

Try different locations and CTA phrases to get maximum results. Don't forget to allocate a budget for testing to optimize more effectively.

And of course, don’t forget about the quality of traffic sources! Leave it to ClickAdilla to get only high-quality traffic.

We believe this traffic ad bar review has given you more insight into this advert format and how to work with it. Feel free asking your manager on ClickAdilla to find out more info.

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