Mastering Tier-1 Dating: A 99% ROI Breakthrough Story

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In this case study, we'll dive into how one marketer achieved an incredible 99% ROI in Tier-1 countries using dating offers.

Welcome to a real success story in the world of online advertising! In this case study, we'll dive into how one marketer achieved an incredible 99% ROI in Tier-1 countries using dating offers. It's a journey of trial and error, learning from mistakes, and finally finding a winning formula. Join us as we explore the steps, challenges, and strategies that led to this impressive ROI.

Offer: Dating offers (Trafee, ZeyDoo)
Traffic source: ClickAdilla
Ad Format: In-stream
GEO: Tier-1 countries
Period: 15.08.2023 - 03.09.2023
Costs: $738,99 (for both offers)
Profit: $366,81
ROI: 99% (the most successful campaign)

Test period

Zane, an affiliate marketer, embarked on an adult dating campaign targeting the German market. While not an expert in this niche, Zane decided to document the campaign's progress in the Affilift community, sharing insights and challenges along the way. The chosen affiliate network was Trafee, with a focus on promoting casual dating sites in Germany. Zane's chosen ad network was ClickAdilla, utilizing the In-stream ad format with a CPM bid of $0.6.

Offer Selection

Zane began by selecting offers in the dating niche from Trafee, a network known for its expertise in dating and adult offers. To ensure high-quality traffic for Tier-1 audiences, Zane carefully chose offers tailored to the German market.



Creating video creatives presented a challenge for Zane due to limited video editing skills and unfamiliarity with adult content. To overcome this, Zane scouted for high-quality user-generated videos from sources such as pornhub,, OnlyTik, and adult TikTok-like platforms. These videos were incorporated into the creatives, with clear German call-to-action overlays. This strategy led to remarkable click-through rates, exceeding previous campaign performance.

This is a screenshot from his video creative he agreed to show

Optimization Process

After an initial week of running the campaign, Zane evaluated the results and implemented optimization strategies. To filter out VPN and proxy traffic, Zane configured IP2location settings and set up frequency capping limits. The first week yielded nine conversions, with a $5 payout per sign-up, offset by a total traffic cost of $177.

Here is a screenshot from ClickAdilla interface:


Following three days of creative testing, Zane identified the most converting and clickable creatives. Additional settings included targeting Germany, mobile devices, and selecting specific traffic sources within the premium category. The introduction of Fixed ISP, Mobile ISP, and Fixed/Mobile ISP targeting improved traffic quality.

Zane also activated auto-adjust price settings with limits of 15% and $50 to stay competitive in a dynamic traffic pricing environment. Several traffic sources were excluded, while one, txxx, exhibited promising results.


First Results and Adjustments

In an update on August 21, Zane launched a new campaign with ZeyDoo's dating app offer, targeting Tier-1 countries. This decision was based on the observation that the previous offer may not have been the best fit.

By August 22, Zane achieved ten conversions within 1.5 days, showing promising results with the new offer. Despite the high cost of Tier-1 traffic, Zane's investments began to pay off, with earnings of $15 against a $29 traffic expense.


Looking ahead, Zane planned to refine the campaign further. This involved creating new English-language video creatives, experimenting with different call-to-action phrases, and sourcing higher-quality videos to enhance performance.

New Offer and Traffic Selection


Zane's chosen offer is from ZeyDoo, an adult dating site with a multi-geo focus. What sets this offer apart is its adaptability to different countries, each featuring landing pages in the relevant language. Zane's rationale for selecting this offer included:

  • Appealing Landing Pages: The offer provided eye-catching landing pages, eliminating the need for Zane to create his own.
  • Multi-Geo Flexibility: ZeyDoo's offer allowed Zane to test various GEOs without geographical limitations.
  • Network Recommendation: Zane's account manager at ZeyDoo recommended this offer for his traffic source, ClickAdilla, known for its compatibility with adult traffic.

Traffic Source

ClickAdilla emerged as Zane's chosen traffic source due to several compelling factors:

  • Abundance of Adult Sites. ClickAdilla's inventory featured numerous renowned adult websites where Zane intended to display his ads.
  • Generous First-Time Deposit Bonus. Zane received a substantial bonus from ClickAdilla's manager on his initial deposit, reducing the cost of his testing phase.
  • Expert Guidance. Zane's account manager at ClickAdilla provided invaluable insights, including information on traffic volumes and bundles, encouraging Zane to proceed.
  • Profitable In-Stream Format: ClickAdilla's in-stream ad format aligns with Zane's campaign objectives.

Optimization Process

Initial Campaign and Budget

Zane initially planned to cap his daily spending at $30 for the test campaign, exclusively targeting Germany. Although the campaign yielded some conversions, it fell short of covering daily expenses. As a result, Zane decided to expand his horizons and explore Tier-1 and Tier-3 countries with a new multi-geo offer.

Campaign Data and Settings

Zane's campaign data and settings provide valuable insights into his strategy:

  • Vertical: Dating
  • Conversion Type: CPI (Cost Per Install)
  • Platform: Android
  • Targeting: Mobile devices
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Samsung Browser
  • Operating Systems: Android 5, Android 6, Android 7, Android 8, Android 9, Android 10, Android 11, Android 12, Android 13

A Tip from Zane: Bidding Strategy

Zane shared a valuable tip for affiliate marketers regarding bidding strategy on ClickAdilla. To determine minimum and recommended bids, he suggested following these steps:

  • Click on the Traffic Chart and apply filters for the desired traffic parameters.
  • Choose the ad format (e.g., In-Stream), traffic type (Mobile), traffic sources (Premium), and specific operating systems (e.g., Android).
  • Review the displayed bids, which include both minimum and recommended values.

Zane recommended a tiered approach to bids:

  • For the least expensive GEOs, start with the minimum bid to gather initial data without overspending. After identifying converting sources and optimizing creatives, gradually increase bids.
  • For Tier-1 countries and high-value markets, begin with the recommended bid to ensure access to quality audiences. Adjust bids upward as you collect data to maximize exposure to affluent users.

Zane also emphasized setting up auto-adjusting prices to stay competitive and adapt to fluctuating traffic costs.


Results and Conclusion

Update for August 24

Zane provided an update on his campaign's performance:

  • Conversions: 53
  • Traffic Cost: $85
  • Revenue: $83
  • ROI: -2.35%

Despite initial losses, Zane expressed optimism about achieving a positive ROI, emphasizing the learning experience gained during the campaign.

Update for August 28

In a subsequent update, Zane shared remarkable progress and optimization efforts:

  • Conversions: 166
  • Conversion Rate: 3.79%
  • Revenue: $383.76
  • Cost: $197.57
  • Profit: $186.19
  • ROI: 94.24%

Later on, Zane continued to run the campaign for 6 days more. His final result is 99% ROI, which is truly amazing!

Look at his final screenshots from Keitaro and ClickAdilla interface:


By whitelisting top-performing sources, refining creatives, and segmenting campaigns by country and device, Zane achieved outstanding results.

Zane's story in affiliate marketing shows how trying different things and making changes can lead to success. By learning from what didn't work and using data to make decisions, Zane turned things around and made a lot of money. His experience can help other affiliate marketers in the adult dating niche. Keep following along for more updates on Zane's campaign.

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