Tier 1 countries advertising: all you should know

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Tier 1 countries advertising is the goal of most affiliates. Find out who can advertise in these GEOs and get useful tips in the article.

What features does Tier 1 countries advertising have?

As you may have guessed, in this article we will talk about the most desired goal of most affiliate marketers - Tier 1! In this article, we'll explore why advertisers are so eager to launch their Tier 1 campaigns. We'll also answer other important questions:  
- Is Tier 1 suitable for beginners?  
- Is it worth advertising in Tier 1?  
- Are there any useful tips for better results?

We won’t waste the precious time of our readers, let's find out the issue!

What is Tier 1 advertising?

If you are a beginner and clicked on this article to find out what Tier 1 is, then we suggest you understand the basic issues before talking about the features of advertising.

Today, affiliate marketing has become popular all over the world. There are a huge number of countries with different conditions, so it was decided to divide the countries into certain groups. Segmentation makes it easier to navigate the abundance of information and easier to find the right solutions. Tier levels are one of the important concepts that everyone who wants to make money in affiliate marketing should be familiar with.

There are three Tier levels:  
- 1: developed countries with a high standard of living.  
- 2: developing countries whose standard of living is rated lower than 1.  
- 3: these are third-world countries in which the standard of living is lower than in the previous ones. These countries may be developing, but slower than 1 and 2.

Actually, there are not three, but four levels of country groups. There is Tier 4, but these countries are not desirable for affiliate marketing. The fact is that these countries have three important factors that are undesirable for the advertising industry:  
- unstable political situation  
- poor economic development  
- lack of Internet  
In these, you cannot get high-quality traffic or there is none at all. This is why it is common to talk about 3 groups in affiliate advertising.

Tier 1 countries advertising and traffic features

To begin with, we invite you to find out which GEOs can be called Tier 1 country:  
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, the USA.

If you have already looked for offers, then you probably noticed very high payouts. These prices are a huge motivation for affiliate marketers to advertise in these countries.

Just imagine: a paying audience sees your creatives, clicks on them and you get a lot of conversions – the payouts are so attractive! Sounds like an advertiser's dream come true. But reality is different from beautiful money fantasies. High payouts may give the impression that it is easy to make money in these countries, but this feeling is deceptive!

If you decide to drive traffic to Tier 1, then you need to understand the characteristics of the audience. We will tell you these features so that it is not a surprise for you and you are prepared:  
- It is a real challenge to attract the attention of users from these countries. This audience has probably already seen everything in the markets that you would like to offer them. Therefore, you can make great creatives, but they will not bring you the desired results.  
- Users have learned to ignore ads, making it harder to create compelling creatives.

In addition, we want to remind you that Tier 1 is highly coveted by many advertisers. Therefore, you face high competition and have to fight for every conversion.

So, now you know about the main features of Tier 1 that you need to keep in mind. But if you are an experienced advertiser, then Tier 1 can please you with excellent advantages:  
- high payouts  
- solvent audience  
- many offers from different markets  
- various traffic sources

Tier 1 countries advertising for beginners

The reality of Tier 1 advertising differs now, doesn't it? If you are new to affiliate marketing, we recommend that you gain some experience before you start advertising in this group of countries. Don't be upset that these GEOs are not suitable for you right now - Tier 2 and 3 can please you with excellent profits! If you think that lower payments will not allow you to earn a lot, then you are mistaken: these GEOs have lower competition. There are many different markets and industries there, so if you find an interesting offer and make an attractive creative, you can make a great profit!

Treating affiliate marketing like a casino will never lead to success. But! If you do decide to advertise in this country group, then we will give you some recommendations to support you. You can find case studies of our clients who managed Tier 1 advertising without skills and knowledge. Keep our recommendations in mind and study the experience of our clients so that Tier 1 marketing will please you with your first successes.

ClickAdilla’s tips for Tier 1 marketing:

- Choose advertising formats with cheap traffic (for example, push notifications).  
- You can also experiment with a popular native ads format. This is an excellent option for Tier 1 advertising in different markets as it is one of the most trendy formats.  
- Any Tier 1 country has a very demanding audience, so your landing page must load quickly. Don’t try to overload your landing page with interactions - it’s better to use a minimum of elements so that your landing page weighs a little.  
- Use trusted sources. This guarantees you high-quality traffic consisting of unique users.

You can also try boosting your campaign with unique tools from ClickAdilla. Feel free to ask questions to your personal manager to find out how to increase the quality of traffic, improve optimization results, and get expert recommendations.

Drive high-quality traffic to Tier 1 with ClickAdilla!

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