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What is outstream video advertising? In this article we learn the issue in all details including useful tips for making creatives.

What is outstream video advertising? There is no secret that video ads are at the top of marketing trends nowadays. Interactive advertising has become a great opportunity to get even more clicks and conversions. Some people choose in-stream, others prefer video sliders, but out-stream is perfect for some advertising strategies.

You can find out more information about other video advertising on ClickAdilla’s blog, but now we propose to discuss outstream. We will figure out all the important questions that newbies may have, so after reading the article you will know for sure:
What is outstream?
Where can you use outstream?
What are the features?
What are the pros and cons?
Tips for creating a campaign

Let's not delay, let's run to deal with the topic!

What is outstream video advertising?

The definition of outstream is a video advertising format that is placed on websites or mobile applications. This format does not require a video player in the traffic sources, so it may be placed in almost any source. Outstream video advertising starts playing automatically, but usually has no sound. Outstream is considered more native and less irritating for users, so this is one of the main advantages of the format.

Types of outstream advertising

There are three main types of such video advertising:

Interstitial is a full-screen video format that was created for advertising in mobile applications. Typically this format is shown to users during a short break while using the application. For example, you can see outstream in gaming applications between levels.

In-banner is quite similar to Interstitial. This type is a banner ad format that is shown to users automatically but without sound.

The last format has two names: in-read or in-feed. This type of outstream advertising is great for advertising on websites. It does not cover the entire website interface and plays without sound. But if desired, the user can turn on the sound and open the full video.

All these formats are quite unobtrusive, so even newcomers can work with outstream. You do not need much knowledge in working with outstream since you will be able to attract the attention of users in any case if they are interested in the advertised offer.

Advantages of outstream

We can highlight the advantages of outstream not only for advertisers but also for owners of traffic sources. If you are a publisher, then outstream ads can be an excellent option for additional monetization for you. If you were worried that you couldn’t offer video advertising, then outstream solves this problem. If your website does not have a video player, then outstream allows you to sell advertising space and get even more profit.

If you are a marketer, then outstream offers even more advertising opportunities:

  • Use outstream video advertising to get large traffic coverage. You can get maximum traffic because you can use outstream not only for advertising in applications but also on websites. Therefore, we can say that outstream is a unique advertising format with universal use.
  • Outstream is great for advertising strategies where you need to expand your company's awareness. This format is great for attracting a larger audience to a company’s products or services, as well as for advertising certain verticals.
  • Outstream is great for advertising sweepstakes, as well as informing about promotions, special offers, and company’s news.
  • Outstream can be used for advertising on different devices and operating systems.
  • This video ad format is not intrusive but remains highly visible. You can be sure that your advertising will not get lost among the main content on the traffic source.

A feature that helps outstream increase conversions is the ability for users to control processes. For example, the user can turn on the sound if he or she is interested in the content and also turn off the sound if necessary. Also, if the user is interested in the offer, he or she can open the video and watch it in a larger size.

The last point especially shows the prospects of outstream video advertising. The fact is that affiliate marketing is changing at an incredible speed and you need to keep up with the trends. Users may become accustomed to advertising and start to ignore it. The most famous examples are banners and the definition of banner blindness. You can learn about this from other articles on ClickAdilla's blog.

But in the future, such difficulties with outstream ads are unlikely to appear! Users can manage the advertising process themselves and customize advertising to suit their convenience. In the future, this can provide a good user experience, so we can call outstream advertising a fairly stable format.

If we look at the statistics, we can see that outstream may be less noticeable than instream. Why? The fact is that in-stream formats are embedded in the beginning, middle, and end of the video that the user wants to watch. Therefore, it is impossible not to notice the instream. But at the same time, outstream is more native, and the ability to control the advertising process motivates users to click on advertising if they are truly interested in the product. Therefore, although outstream is less noticeable than instream, it is capable of bringing higher conversions.

Which offers are suitable for outstream

As we mentioned above, outstream video advertising is a universal format. Therefore, you can choose different offers from both the mainstream and adult verticals.

You can also advertise outstream on different traffic sources, which allow you to attract your target audience even more effectively.

Video advertising is suitable for almost any niche, but the question remains how to make it attractive to users? Let's break down some basic tips to ensure your video ads start bringing you conversions.

Tips for creating outstream advertising

You can use videos in different formats. For example, if you have no experience, then you can find offers with ready-made advertising materials. You can use promotional videos and drive traffic to them.

Or you can record the process of using the product. This tip is especially suitable for advertising in the gaming vertical. Just take a screen video to show the game’s progress.

You can also use neural networks. Today, artificial intelligence has become smart and skilled enough to help you create video ads. Use images and text to let neural networks create the right video for you. But it is worth saying that this option is not suitable for all advertisers. You can use AI if you are ready to review the finished video and make changes. Overall, this option is great for saving time, but you need to be able to work with artificial intelligence to get high-quality video.

We also have some tips for your videos to get even more clicks and conversions:

Let's emotion through video. Your ad will work great if the content includes humor or nostalgia.

Try using challenges. You can use phrases in the title that users will want to check. For example: “Only users with +130 IQ will be able to pass this level”, and “Only students know the answer to this problem”. This option is great for gaming offers. This trick will help you get even more conversions as users like to be convinced of their abilities.

This tip is a little similar to the previous one - use CTA phrases. For example, “get $100 before the end of the promotion,” “Help a character solve a problem," “Place a bet and earn money for a new phone today,” “Buy at a 40% discount.” As you can see, CTA phrases are quite universal and you can use them in advertising offers of any niche.

Don't use too much text. Visuals matter much more with video advertising. Try to use concise phrases that convey the main benefits of the product or service.

Don't use videos that blink too much. It is better to use smoother animation, as it is less irritating to the eyes.

Your creative should not have too many elements, otherwise, the ad will look blurry. Or there should be a main element that stands out enough in the video.

If you are going to advertise a product or service from a well-known company, then use the logo in your video. This will allow you to attract even those users who are already familiar with the brand.

Create multiple creatives so that during optimization you can find the ones that convert the best.

These were the basic tips for creating outstream ads, which we advise you to try.

Don't forget about accurate targeting options to attract your audience. Optimization and targeting allow you to achieve maximum clicks and conversions.

And if you use additional tools from ClickAdilla, you can take your campaigns to a truly new level.

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