The types of self serve ad platforms: specifics and recommendations

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The concept of self service ad has played a big role in the marketing industry. There are 4 main types.

You have probably heard of the self service ad, but what makes it different from other forms of advertising?

The concept of self service ad has played a big role in the marketing industry. In the modern world, self-service is gaining popularity in all areas of human activity, so it is not surprising that such opportunities have come to the world of affiliate marketing. Therefore, we invite you to figure out this issue, because each of us wants to keep up with the times and use the benefits of digital development!

Self serve advertising platform has become a link between advertisers and publishers. It helps to save a lot of time and increase efficiency for both sides of the marketing process.

How does a self serve advertising platform work? Both parties get the benefits:

Publishers get the opportunity to use an additional source to sell advertising space. By doing so, website and app owners can increase their income.

And advertisers get access to useful tools to fine tune ad settings for their campaigns. By doing so, marketers can save time and reach the target audience with fewer mistakes, therefore saving the budget.

Types of self serve advertising platforms

To make it convenient to distinguish ad networks, the Internet users have created a small classification:

Premium platforms offer access to high-tech tools. Prices are higher than on other platforms, but it's justified. Additionally, these ad platforms conduct more detailed testing for publishers to offer marketers ads on the top websites. As a result, marketers receive high-quality traffic and flawless optimization. But this option is hardly suitable for newcomers, as there is a risk of wasting the advertising budget. These self service ad platforms are more suitable for experienced marketers, as long as they do not intend to use other advertising opportunities.

Specialized platforms. Such networks offer limited tools. For example, there you can find only basic targeting settings or a small number of advertising formats. As a rule, such platforms specialize in one type of advertising format, for example, only video banners. This group includes networks for advertising in mobile applications.

This is a good option for those who work with one ad format.

Another question is that the advertising market is developing and sooner or later you have to try other tools in order to keep income at a stable level and be able to grow financially.

The horizontal adverts platform offers a wide variety of platforms and tools for creating campaigns. This type offers network users a high coverage and a variety of settings for precise targeting. This is one of the best options for newbies and experienced advertisers as the platforms offer everything you need to get the job done. The only disadvantage is you get a basic ad service. That is, you are unlikely to be able to optimize the settings or take advantage of process automation.

The vertical platform is very similar to the horizontal networks, but you can find the opportunity to advertise particular verticals. The main advantage of the vertical one is the network is focused on improving the effectiveness of advertising in a specific niche. That is, you can find the same ad formats as in the horizontal self-service ad platform, but adapted to ads of certain verticals.

So vertical platforms are suitable for those advertisers who have decided which niche they want to work with.

And using the services of such networks, advertisers have the opportunity to customize advertising even more effectively than in horizontal platforms.

For example ClickAdilla is a vertical network and marketers can find 13 ad formats that are made specifically for adult and mainstream verticals. Moreover, adult verticals are one of the most popular and highly paid niches, as such offers will always be popular regardless of the circumstances. In addition, the adult niche is suitable for a wide audience of all ages and both genders.

We can also add that in ClickAdilla you can find premium tools such as the unique high-tech Marketplace development. This tool allows marketers to get all the traffic from a specific site without having to participate in an auction. That is, advertising is guaranteed to be shown for a certain time. You can learn more about the Marketplace from our other articles or from your personal manager.

Therefore, we can say that, as practice shows, such a typology is not particularly effective. For example, ClickAdilla contains two types at once: vertical and premium networks.

Therefore, we recommend you keep the differences in mind, but clarify the specifics directly for each platform.

Be sure to specify what opportunities the target provides, how wide the list of publishers is, if there are high-tech tools for automatization of workflow, and what kind of deposit the network offers.

To give a more complete answer, we can add that ClickAdilla’s team appreciates your trust, so if you take the services you can find a low deposit and nice bonuses.

Start your journey to success now, and ClickAdilla's self serve advertising platform is at your service to turn your goals into reality.


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