Why do you need RTB Premium Publishers

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Premium publishers in affiliate marketing are high-quality websites or content creators that have a strong reputation, large audience, and high engagement rates. Read more in today's article.

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What are premium publishers?

Why do you need RTB Premium Publishers?

How to start with ClickAdilla’s RTB Premium Publishers?

What are premium publishers?

Premium publishers in affiliate marketing are high-quality websites or content creators that have a strong reputation, large audience, and high engagement rates. Premium publishers can generate substantial traffic, conversions, and revenue for advertisers. Premium publishers stand out among other traffic sources with 3 key factors:

  • Big traffic volumes;
  • High traffic quality;
  • Not overwhelmed with ads.

Adult premium publishers may include high-traffic websites or content creators. They are known for their ability to drive targeted traffic, engage audiences, and deliver high-quality leads or sales for their affiliate partners. Premium publishers offer a higher level of value and exposure compared to regular publishers in affiliate marketing.

ClickAdilla’s RTB premium publishers’ sources are now open to one of the most popular ad formats - popunder. The key value for advertisers is the earnings from purchases made by our traffic, so we focus on conversions by constantly optimizing the work of our AI to filter out low-converting traffic. 

The concept of filtering is important.

Here are several premium RTB sources you may place your ad at:




Why do you need RTB Premium Publishers?

There are several reasons why affiliate marketers should consider working with premium publishers:

1. Larger Audience: Premium publishers typically have a larger and more engaged audience compared to regular publishers. They may have a significant following on their website, blog, social media accounts, or other online platforms, which can translate into higher visibility and exposure for the affiliate marketer's products or services.

2. Quality Traffic: Premium publishers often generate organic, high-quality, targeted traffic that is more likely to convert into sales or leads with low percentage of bots and DCH.

*DCH - proxy type DCH means that the proxy IP comes from a data center and not a residential user. As a result, it is challenging to draw the portrait of such audience and, consequently, offer relevant products or services.

3. High conversion rates. Their audience is usually more engaged, interested, and relevant to the affiliate marketer's niche, which can result in better conversion rates and higher earnings.

4. Competitive Advantage: Collaborating with premium publishers can give the affiliate marketer a competitive advantage over other affiliates. Premium publishers are often selective about the products or services they promote and may have limited partnerships, which can result in less competition and higher visibility for the affiliate marketer's offerings.

How to start with ClickAdilla’s RTB Premium Publishers?

If you want to start working with RTB premium publishers, please, contact your personal account manager after registering in the system. RTB premium publishers’ sources do not interfere with other source categories. So, if you have premium or sensitive demand, you are welcome to test our premium traffic.

Overall, working with ClickAdilla’s RTB premium publishers in affiliate marketing can provide numerous benefits, including access to a larger audience, increased credibility and quality organic traffic. It's important for affiliate marketers to carefully evaluate and select premium publishers that align with their niche, target audience, and overall marketing strategy to maximize their chances of success in the affiliate marketing industry.

In the near future, we plan to expand our offering and provide premium traffic for other formats such as video and banners. So, if you're looking for a reliable partner for your ad campaigns, don't hesitate to reach out to us and get real organic traffic. Check out yourself!

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