Add your company details in ClickAdilla!

Dear advertisers, now you can add your company details in the ClickAdilla network.

If you present Ad network  - you can always add information about it!

This will help to offer the right support for you and solve your issue faster, also the company in the account simplifies Credit Card verification if you use a corporate one.

For companies, there is an accelerated verification procedure.

If you want to change your account type to "Company", please click on your name in the upper left corner, select Profile - Account Type and choose - company - update, fill in the required fields and verify using one of two methods. After that, your manager will confirm the new account type within 1 hour.

To sign up a new “company”, you need to tick the "company"  with the new registration and fill in the required fields.

After that, you will be transferred to the page for verification.

Please note that in both cases your account will function as “personal” until the status of “company” is confirmed by the manager.