Traffic monetization: how to start making money in affiliate marketing

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How to get traffic monetization? We wrote all you need to know and gave useful tips for starting to drive traffic successfully.

Traffic monetization can be quite complicated at the start for beginners. That is why we decided to clarify this issue so that you do not lose your budget.

In this article we will deal with several basic questions:
What is traffic?
How to search for the best adverts strategy?
What does an affiliate's income consist of?
How to monetize traffic?
Useful tools for boosting

Let's not slow down, let's run to master the advertising industry and grab the profit!

What is traffic monetization?

If you plan to monetize your income, then first you need to deal with traffic. These are ordinary people who visit various websites and mobile applications every day. When they open a source they are interested in, they come across an advertisement. Therefore, these are the users you plan to show your ads to.

But every person has their interests, so it makes sense that you wouldn’t show your mobile game offer to those users who visit sources with recommendations for getting rid of knee pain. Surely, you would show an ad of knee pain remedies to these people, and offer a mobile application to those who like games. And chances are that they would be interested in your offer and purchase the product, and you would get a conversion.

You can earn rewards for conversions, so your traffic monetization is all about getting high ROI performances.

What kind of traffic converts?

The fact is that some traffic does not bring conversions, so you will not be able to monetize it. As a rule, we are talking about free traffic or direct purchase of traffic from publishers.

You can read ClickAdilla's blog article about free traffic sources to learn more about all the pros and cons. But now we will say that, as a rule, this is not the target audience, so users ignore adverts.

If you decide to buy traffic directly from website owners, then you are faced with some difficulties. The fact is that some publishers cannot provide the audience coverage that they told you about. In this case, site owners can use bots very much, so you pay for fraudulent traffic.

If you still want to work directly with publishers, then be prepared to track statistics. You may see a lot of impressions, but zero clicks and no conversions at all. If this happens, then there is a high probability that you have stumbled upon bots. Therefore, instead of the desired monetization, you lose your advertising investment.

If you want to monetize your advertising campaigns, then we recommend using the services of advertising platforms. Let's figure out why.

How to monetize on advertising networks?

Advertising networks are the key to the security of your advertising budget.

There are many advantages of advertising platforms since they were created specifically for the most effective monetization on websites and mobile applications.

Many advertising platforms use anti-fraud and anti-bot systems to check traffic. These are high-tech programs that allow you to track traffic most accurately. If your campaign is viewed by a large audience, but you are not getting conversions or clicks, then the antibot tool may suspect fraud. As a result, the system blocks the unwanted source, and you do not lose your chances of monetization on a website or mobile application.

If you search for an advertising network, then check out our recommendations for making a choice on the ClickAdilla blog. One of the main tips is to ask the manager about the availability of anti-fraud and anti-bot systems. The fact is that not all advertising platforms use these tools, so clarifying them in advance will allow you to monetize your traffic more effectively.

It is also worth noting that many advertising networks only cooperate with reputable sources that have been tested for traffic quality. For example, ClickAdilla values maximum quality, so the platform uses anti-bot and anti-fraud systems to check traffic in detail. We are confident that our clients buy traffic only from the most authoritative sources that are in the top Internet searches for websites, as well as in popular mobile applications with a large number of downloads.

Monetization of recommendations

It can be said that successful monetization may depend on the skills of campaign analysis and optimization. Of course, experience is an additional important element that can affect the final payout results.

But what should novice advertisers do? We understand your fears of wasting your budget, so we encourage you to look for useful tips and study cases from other marketers. This will help you quickly master the basic principles of advertising, so you will feel more confident in creating your first advertising campaign. You can study many inspiring case studies on ClickAdilla’s blog, and we also try to provide useful tips in every article.

We've also prepared some useful tips in this article, so let's start with targeting.

Target and Smartlink

If you want to show ads only to those users who are interested in your offer, then leave this to the target. Remember to only choose websites and mobile apps that your potential customers use.

But you can improve your performance if you use a target.

GEOs are the main setting. If a website or mobile application attracts users from different countries, then mark the desired GEO to drive traffic only to the interested audience in your offer. If you want to monetize several similar offers or a product for several GEOs, then try Smartlink.

Smartlink gives you amazing opportunities to increase your conversions and monetize your campaign to the next level. You can select a multi-geo offer and configure the desired countries. In this case, Smartlink will show an offer in the local language of each country.
You can also advertise different offers in different countries. That is, Smartlink automatically displays the desired offer that is suitable for a specific GEO. This works great if you choose similar offers: for example, you can advertise mobile dating apps or webcam platforms.

ClickAdilla also recommends that you make sure that you are not going to show the same creative on mobile and desktop. You can look at statistics in advance to see which devices your audience uses the most in a specific GEO. For example, in the USA, mobile traffic is much more popular than desktop one. Therefore, if you are going to monetize a campaign in the US market, then it is better to adapt creatives for mobile versions of websites and applications.

Don't forget that the more precise your target is, the more likely you are to monetize your advertising. Therefore, if you are going to advertise an offline store, then the best way is to use highly accurate location targeting. You can set specific streets next to the store, so visitors are likely to click on the ad to find out more.

We also advise you not to forget about additional targeting settings to reach your potential customers more effectively.

Limits and useful tools

Limits are also of great importance. Allocate a budget for a test period of advertising. After testing, you can analyze at what time users click on ads most often. This will allow you to limit your advertising to the best times of day that generate conversions.

Don't forget about bids. We do not recommend setting low prices since displaying advertising is similar to the principle of an auction. To make sure your creative gets enough traffic, test the recommended bids from Pricebox. Our specialists recommend adding +10% to the bid recommended by Pricebox.

To get traffic more effectively, you can use DSP traffic. This service will help you buy traffic from third-party sources and thereby increase the volume of impressions at a lower cost. Learn more about DSP traffic from our blog or ask a personal manager on ClickAdilla.
You can also use ClickAdilla's Marketplace tool. This is a unique tool that allows you to get maximum traffic from a specific website for mobile and desktop.

For example, if you conducted a test campaign and found that a certain source gives you the highest performance, then you can optimize the campaign and use the Marketplace. The main advantage is that this tool is great even for beginners.

You don't need to set up a target because you get all the traffic from the site, so you open up new opportunities and monetize your campaign even more effectively.

Creating a campaign

We also offer some important tips to help you monetize your advertising and increase your income. The recommendations will be useful for beginners, but remember that you can always find even more indispensable recommendations for each advertising format on the blog.


1-2 main elements. Avoid visual noise. This will help attract the attention of potential customers, as the picture will look quite bright and memorable.

Use colors correctly. For example, red color may irritate users, as it creates the feeling of annoying advertising. Have you ever noticed a red button that says “no” and a green button that says “yes”? Colors also shape the user experience, so take advantage of this trick. Create several campaigns in different colors and see which one gets the most attention.

Avoid a lot of Photoshop editing. Stock photos look unnatural, so users may ignore the ads. Give preference to photos that look more natural.

If you are using an offer from a well-known brand, then use a logo. This will allow you to monetize more effectively since you will be able to attract those users who already know the company.

Don't shy away from the interactive advertising trend. GIFs can boost conversions but don't use the GIF images that are too flashy or bright. The best way to achieve high ROI is to use smooth animation.


Determine the main benefits of using the offer and write about it.

Consider ad format and niche: some convert better with detailed expert descriptions, while others rely on visuals as more attractive. For example, the visual is the most effective in advertising webcam platforms to attract new users. But if you want to attract webcam models, then you should write about the advantages of working in the webcam industry.

Use CTA phrases. Short call-to-actions help achieve excellent performance.

We also advise you not to neglect the help of a personal manager on the advertising platform.

This is a great opportunity to get even more recommendations, as the manager can analyze your campaign and give you some ideas on how to optimize. You can get 24/7 support on ClickAdilla.

We tried to tell you everything you need to start monetizing traffic. We hope you can put our tips into practice.

Let traffic monetization go from dream to reality with ClickAdilla!




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