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Cheap traffic sources may be a great start in affiliate marketing. Find out the best sources to get quality traffic at cheap prices.

Searching for cheap traffic sources? If you are a newcomer, then we understand your urge to avoid wasting investments at the onset to master the ads industry. But inexpensive is not always implied bad, so in this topic, we will talk about how to reach performance with cheap traffic.

Cheap traffic sources

Is it possible to buy traffic at low costs without losing quality? Of course, it is! We will tell you about excellent adverts formats that allow you to explore affiliate marketing while still getting conversions despite the inexpensiveness.

Push notifications

Push notifications are a type of advertising that has proven its effectiveness over the years. We propose beginning with it because push advertising has plenty of advantages. To begin with, we should figure out what this advert is.

Push notification is fairly native advertisement, as it is very similar to regular message notifications. You do not need a lot of skills in making campaigns, so push traffic is splendid for novice marketers. Push notifications consist of small text, an image, and a title.


- Native advertising format allows you to achieve high conversions;
- Ease of making creatives;
- Cheap traffic; From $0,0013
- Versatility, compatible with mainstream and adult offers;
- Mobile and desktop traffic;
- Payment models: CPC and CPM.


Lack of precisely targeted traffic. This disadvantage is compensated by the cost of push ads and their nativeness.

The audience:

Push advertisements are displayed only to those users who have confirmed their consent to obtain notifications. The webmaster places a script on his or her website, which automatically adds to the database those people who have agreed to get adverts. The user does not need to keep the site open all the time to receive ads. The audience confirms once and after that push notifications appear regardless of the traffic source used.

To achieve maximum conversions with push notifications, read articles on ClickAdilla’s blog and learn valuable recommendations.


Banners are another great choice if you are looking for cheap traffic. The advertising format is one of the oldest, so it has proven its effectiveness. Banners are chosen not only by beginners but also by experienced marketers, so pay attention to this advert format.

Main pros of banners:

- Ease of creating;
- Cheap traffic; From $0,002
- Suitable for advertising on various traffic sources;
- Payment models: CPA, CPC, and CPM;
- Large audience coverage;
- Targeted traffic;
- Suitable for working with mainstream and adult offers.


Banners have been present in the ad market for many years, so they have gone through quite a lot of changes. By using this type of advertisement you might run into a situation that is called banner blindness, which means that your potential viewers will ignore the information on your banner. But this is not a reason to call banners ineffective formats, because you need to learn to avoid this phenomenon. If you understand how to work with banners, then you can still get high performance.

You can check our article about banner blindness to figure out what ways may help you avoid this feature.

Banner audience

The audience for banners is quite wide, so you can test different offers. Banners are a universal format, so you can purchase advertisement space on a website of desktop and mobile versions, as well as advertising banners through applications.

Teaser ads

Teaser advertising has been helping to engage users for many years. However, we recommend that you be careful with such advertising so that your campaign does not get blocked. This ad format is great for advertising unusual offers and using clickbait.

The main advantages of teaser ads:

- Wide audience coverage
- Plenty of clicks
- Cheap traffic
- Suitable for buying traffic from various sources
- Good effectiveness in advertising mainstream and adult offers
- The ability to fine-tune the target


Teaser adverts require the careful creation of creatives so that your ad is not blocked. A large number of clicks does not mean a large number of conversions. But these difficulties can be avoided if you know the features of creating teaser advertising. We have prepared a large guide on creating clickbait so that your teaser advertising brings only high performance. Read about clickbait ads on ClickAdilla’s blog and get instructions on how to use this effective tool.

Teaser advertising audience:

Your audience depends on which advertising format you choose to advertise your teasers. The fact is that teaser adverts can attract the attention of even those users who are not potential customers. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to fine-tuning your target. Think about who might be interested in your product or service to reach your target audience rather than paying for web-surfer curiosity.

Landing pages

You can boost your performance by making a selling landing page. You can pick any landing page builder to create pages for various strategies.

Builders propose a great variety of useful tools, such as:
- adaptability to desktop and mobile websites
- SEO optimization
- creating a time counter
- interactive activities: quizzes, polls, sweepstakes

Also, you may find unique tools in a builder that allow you to create the most converting advertisements.

ClickAdilla’s tip: Speed can play a big role in achieving conversions. So, you got the desired click on the banner or push notification, but everything can go wrong if your landing page takes a long time to load. We recommend creating landing pages lightweight. This will give you a guarantee that the landing page will load quickly and users will definitely see the advertisement before they lose interest.

We hope that our article was useful to you and now you know exactly which format to start mastering affiliate marketing with. Don't let a lack of budget stop you from mastering affiliate marketing and monetizing, and in the future, you can experience other adverts and experiment with other ad strategies.

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