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5 ready-made strategies that you can use for Cyber Monday and Black Friday advertising.

What is the hottest time of each year for every affiliate marketer? These events, like a real portal, open into the world of discounts, endless spending, and billions of dollars as earnings - yes, these are Black Friday and Cyber Monday! The variety of ad opportunities makes marketers’ hearts beat faster, but what to choose? ClickAdilla’s team has compiled useful information for you to make your wallets grow during these unique events: the article presents effective strategies that will help you focus all your time and energy on new ad achievements. Onward to monetization!

What offers to choose?

Actually, you can choose any niche that you are used to working with. You may find that mainstream and adult can both get you great clicks and conversions. However, adult verticals can be much easier to advertise as they appeal to a wider audience. This means that +18 niches can bring the highest payouts:

You can find offers of each niche that are adapted for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:
– opportunities to buy adult and nutra products with big discounts;
– discounts on paid subscriptions for games, applications, and dating sites;
– bonuses for making deposits in gambling and betting;
These are just examples and you may find other profitable offers.

Now we're going to dive deeper into advertising strategies for Cyber Monday and Black Friday. You can adapt all these strategies for the adult verticals, as they reflect the main features of making creatives for these events.

Stay competitive

Here is no secret that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have a significant impact on the annual revenue of almost every business. Sellers and advertisers know this, and that is why you may find yourself in a lot of competition these days — ads are everywhere!

That's why our first recommendation is to use spy tools. You can track your competitors' landing pages and determine which ones convert the best. Remember that copying other successful strategies may seem attractive, but leave this idea if you want to monetize on major marketing events.

Analyze your competitors to determine what feature of their ads assists them in making money. Use this feature in your creatives. Also, do not forget that some spy services can be used together with landing builders. This is a great opportunity to reduce the time costs of analyzing and creating a landing page that motivates users to interact.

Get ready for the holidays

Statistics show that about 60% of people start to prepare for the Christmas holidays in November. This is not surprising, because this is an excellent opportunity to buy gifts at the best prices. You can promote the products as gifts for parents, a girlfriend, or a co-worker - the possibilities are endless.

Do you think this strategy doesn’t work in adult verticals? Not at all! Get creative and you will see that this strategy can convert well in advertising of all niches. For example, you can advertise adult products as funny gifts or offer to purchase a product as a romantic gift for your significant other.

Gift promotions are great for any discount events, so you can use this strategy for Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Get rid of a routine task

As we said above, Cyber Monday and Black Friday become a lifeline for many people when it comes to preparing for the holidays. But also choosing gifts is a real chore for many people, so some are looking for ready-made solutions. You've probably come across checklists like “10 gift ideas for your bf” - why not use this idea for advertising goals?

For example, you can make checklists with “traditional” gifts and highlight your offer as the best of the listed options. Or maybe you want to make a checklist of different offers? It all depends on your readiness for experiments and skills!

Use the main goal

Why do people look forward to Cyber Monday and Black Friday? That's right - discounts! We recommend launching your campaign 1-2 weeks before these events come so you can encourage anticipation and motivate users to act quickly. Show that huge discounts are going to be on certain products or services and that supply is limited.

This strategy works great for both events, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Set daily limits so that users don’t feel irritated the next time they face your ads. It is better to gently remind them that your offer is expected to provide excellent benefits.

Show exclusiveness

You can increase your chances by making landing pages. Interactives are one of the main trends in affiliate marketing. Use this tool to increase your conversions!

For example, you can make a fortune wheel on your landing page. Users click to receive a random bonus, and you can offer a discount or promotional code for the purchase. Users are more motivated to take a target action if they know that special conditions are available only to them.

Remind about deadlines

You can show the exclusivity of your offer by reminding users of the limitations. Everyone knows that the main motto of Cyber Monday and Black Friday is “Snooze and you lose!”. Use this as a marketing trick to motivate users to quickly engage with your offer.

You can add a countdown timer on your landing page and experiment with this tool:
– time counter until the end of the offer
– time counter until the huge discount disappears
– counter of products that are available for purchase


These were ready-made strategies that you can use for Cyber Monday and Black Friday advertising. Is there any other way to improve efficiency? Of course! Use these strategies together with our recommendations for different ad formats. To do this, go to ClickAdilla’s blog and get more marketing insights.

Also, don’t forget that you can always contact your personal manager to get expert help.

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