Why affiliate marketing in 2022?

You do not need to create any product or service - you are an affiliate!

And here are the forecasts based on the figures from affiliate marketing benchmark report to inspire you for affiliate marketing in 2022. In the beginning of the year we already discussed the most promising verticals for 2022.

Let us now dive into figures:

Spending almost $8.2 billion in the U.S. , the industry is about to spend 13 billion dollars in 2022 worldwide.

The rising trend is not going to stop though and to surprise affiliates with the figure of 15.7 billion dollars in 2024. Such a growth is explained by the increase of the related services number by 26% in 2021. The rise in the interest partly caused by Covid-19 resulted in more frequent cooperation between brands and bloggers. To specify, more than 25% of the brands all over the world involve bloggers in products and services promotion. 

Word of mouth has always been and always will be the most powerful marketing tool. That is why more than 90% of consumers tend to trust independent influencers more than traditional advertisements or celebrities.

As It was already mentioned above, interest for affiliate marketing skyrocketed since 2019, though the trend was falling till that time. To specify, the average number of requests per month was:

  • 770,347 in 2017;
  • 753,016 in 2018;
  • 683,664 in 2019.

However, the situation changed after more people started working from home and were looking for new income sources. As a result, the numbers hit 936,554 p/m in 2020 and 1,305,226 in 2021. Thus, only the number of search requests related to the topic more than doubled since 2019 and grew by 30% over 2021.

Dating is considered as one of the skyrocketing verticals over the last few years. Online dating products and services are already being used by more than 40 million Americans. While users get more opportunities, affiliates may get up to 80% commission per sale depending on the program they use.

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