Oferta en tiempo real

Solución inteligente para compradores de medios

Compre y venda tráfico a través de nuestra oferta RTB en milisegundos.

¿Cómo funciona el RTB?

Los editores o el lado de la oferta envían solicitudes de anuncios
Los anunciantes o el lado de la demanda envían solicitudes de oferta
Los ganadores obtienen anuncios / tráfico
scheme rtb

Ventajas del sistema RTB

Reduced cost
RTB lets you spend smarter. RTB software allows advertisers to test and learn, exploring how reach and availability fluctuate based on bid price and frequency cap.
Better targeting
RTB does the rest by decoding what websites the target audience spends their time on and when and enables ads to be retargeted accordingly.
Improved performance
Campaign performance can be observed in real-time, meaning the advertiser can be more agile. Optimising a budget can be achieved algorithmically. Advertising budget can be moved between markets, seeking the best reach and ROI.