How to earn money online from VPN affiliate programs

Governments of many countries around the world censor the Internet, restricting or completely blocking access of their citizens to web resources. Most often, sites with adult content, torrents, and social networks are banned. To bypass the blocking, people use Virtual Private Networks. A VPN encrypts online traffic, hiding your real location by routing your traffic through remote servers. So it allows users to visit blocked sites.

Another reason for VPN usage is security. You are most likely joining a public Wi-Fi network, whether in a cafe, subway or hotel, to surf the Internet. But browsing the web on public Wi-Fi networks is not the safest practice when it comes to digital security. It actually makes it much easier for hackers to steal sensitive information from your device, like usernames, passwords, bank account information etc. Fortunately, VPNs hide your online activity and protect your device from hacker attacks, making it safe using public Wi-Fi networks.

IT-companies use VPN for security reasons too. Virtual private networks securely connect remote workers to an organization's internal network. In the first months of blocking, the number of VPN users increased dramatically: 160% in Italy, by 124% in the US and by 58% in Spain. Since a large number of employees of IT companies have switched to remote work.

The use of VPNs is going to become more and more popular, especially as opportunities to work remotely increase in varying industries. All biggest providers of VPN services have their own affiliate programs. The VPN  global market is projected to be worth $31 billion in 2021 and $50 billion within the next 5 years. And you can take your piece of the pie. Just join a VPN affiliate program and get high commissions for app installs or sales. 

To identify the countries with the highest number of VPN users or potentially high demand for this service, let's use statistics. Freedom House conducted research of internet freedom worldwide. In 2020, Iceland ranked first. But in this case we’re more interested in countries that occupied last places. As we mentioned above, VPNs are in demand in countries where there are problems with access to certain resources, so your ads will be actual there.

TOP-15 countries with lowest internet freedom:

  1. China
  2. Iran
  3. Syria
  4. Vietnam
  5. Cuba
  6. Saudi Arabia
  7. Pakistan
  8. Egypt
  9. Uzbekistan
  10. Venezuela
  11. United Arab Emirates
  12. Ethiopia
  13. Bahrain
  14. Sudan
  15. Russia

We recommend you to promote mobile VPN for Android phones. This category of Internet users is growing rapidly and accounts for 75% of all installs on mobile devices. Free VPNs are the most popular, 84% of clients use them. Let’s explore ‘Free VPN’ interest globally. The search engine optimization tool ‘Ahrefs’ points at 1.7M average Google searches per month with The United Kingdom at the top. What this means is that people search for a “free vpn” 1.7 million times a month on average. In the ranking search ‘best VPN for Android’ The United States came first, followed by India.

Also we have checked the search query ‘best VPN for Android’ in GoogleTrends and found out the list of countries in which this request was the most burning in the last 12 months.

As you can see, VPNs for Android are in demand among users from Africa and the Middle East. 

Okay, we've found countries to target our  advertising campaigns. The next step is choosing a traffic source and ad format. VPN offers performing well with In-Page push, Web Push and iOS calendar notifications.

Examples of creatives (from left to right) -  WebPush, In-Page Push and iOS Calendar mobile notifications.

💡  You can launch your campaigns with the direct links to any store (Google play or App store)

Creating ads, think about what problem your VPN solves? 

  • - VPN allows users to watch streams on Netflix. 
  • - It protects users from hacker attacks. 
  • - Unlimited Internet.
  • - Free of ads etc.

In creatives use a red or yellow ⚠️ warning sign or native calendar icons. Note that it’s forbidden to imitate system notifications and use misleading information. Check out our requirements for the content on push creatives.

Let’s see how much traffic you can get running advertising campaigns in ClickAdilla. We’ve made 3 rankings by countries with a high demand for VPN. Also we have selected traffic only from mobile devices: Android OS for In-Page and Web Push, iOS for iOS Calendar.

In-page Push traffic volume

  1. Bangladesh - 185’230 clicks daily
  2. Pakistan - 181’935 clicks daily
  3. Myanmar - 16’432 clicks daily
  4. Nigeria - 15’226 clicks daily
  5. Azerbaijan - 9’870 clicks daily
  6. Tanzania - 5’030 clicks daily
  7. Uganda - 4’858 clicks daily
  8. Ethiopia - 3’517 clicks daily
  9. Qatar - 3’274 clicks daily
  10. Zimbabwe - 1295 clicks daily

Web Push traffic volume 

  1. Russia 86’314 clicks daily
  2. Pakistan 85’695 clicks daily
  3. Vietnam 68’722 clicks daily
  4. Uzbekistan 20’182 clicks daily
  5. Egypt 16’884 clicks daily
  6. Iran 11’924 clicks daily
  7. Venezuela 4’642 clicks daily
  8. Sudan 4’164 clicks daily
  9. Syria 2’437 clicks daily
  10. Ethiopia 2’232 clicks daily

iOS Calendar traffic volume

  1. USA 11432 clicks daily
  2. Vietnam 6364 clicks daily
  3. Russia 5153 clicks daily
  4. India 4850 clicks daily
  5. United Kingdom 1527 clicks daily

The actual bid depends on the competition on selected targets.

💡 Check traffic volume and costs in the Traffic chart

Increase your profit running advertising VPN utilities with traffic in ClickAdilla. Test different ad formats and creatives to find the most effective approach.

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