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Web Push

90 billion impressions

Web push is a new word in the world of internet advertisement. We have a database of more than 65 million subscribers collected directly from our exclusive partner’s sources. You can use landings with adult content that is not allowed in most push networks.

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300 million impressions

Popunder is an extra window which shows when the user makes a first click on the content page. It is one of the best ways to grab a user's attention! We have both mobile and desktop popunders available,they are user-friendly and meet all Google requirements.

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30 billion impressions

Banner advertisement is one of the classical ad formats, which shows on the content page. We have several banners available on

  • NTV-A,B,C;
  • In-video;
  • Others.
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Full-page Interstitial Ads

5 million impressions

Interstitial ads are interactive, full-screen ads that cover the interface of their host app or site. These ads appear between content, so they are placed at natural transition points or breaks, such as in between activities or game levels.

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In-Page Push

300 million impressions

In-Page push ad format looks like a push message shown on a website while users are on the page. In-page ads are designed to be fixed to a specific screen area while the user scrolls through the content. The format has to target all OS (including iOS).

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Native ads

7 billion impressions

Native ads are placed in the footer of the website, perfectly imitating the websites’ content; hence not easily detectable as an ad. The native ad block consists of 6 banners (300x250) with text.

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2 million impressions

Content feed or gallery traffic is display traffic from aggregator websites with video-previews, which leads to sources with video content itself. The format is highly suitable for adult tubes.

  • Traffic 50 438 daily;

  • Min bid from 0.003$ cpс.

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Direct Links

2 billion impressions

Navigation bar link or tab-direct link is a tab on the website menu, supposed to be a part of the site. We sell no more than 2 direct links on one site.

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iOS calendar

2 million impressions
Notifications will be delivered to all user’s iOS devices since events are sent through iCloud and Google calendar if they are sync.
All the iOS devices support this ad format - iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and CarPlay.
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In-stream Ads

450 million impressions
In-stream is one of the new and most popular formats of advertising. People interested in the content will watch your ad, which is like an intro to it. We have both VAST and direct link available so that you can insert your in-stream most conveniently.
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